Must Think Hyderabad Government about…

07 Feb

Please launch a movement for Re-Building our beautiful city on modern lines like other international cities:

A. Building of TRANSIT system in Hyderabad (Like Underground Train System, Light Rail System, or Elevated Light Rail System.

B. Building of Flyovers, Underpasses, Bridges and Express Ways

C. Building of Modern Hospitals, Libraries, Parks, Convention Centres, Community Centres, Youth Centres.

D. Building of Amusement Park

E. Building of Modern Central  Bus Terminal

F. Building of Hyderabad Tourist Information Centre and Launching CITY TOURS

G. Building of Modern Shopping Mall

H. Opening of Hyderabad Airport and Upgrading it as an International Airport and Launching Flights

I. Launching of Rail car and express trains from Hyderabad and up gradation of our Railway Station

j. Beautification and installation of modern sodium Lighting on all streets and highways of Hyderabad

K. Installation of Modern and computerized Traffic Signal system and Public crossings all across the city

L. All work must be done in all parts of Hyderabad which is City, Qasimabad, and Latifabad without any discrimination and difference.

M. All roads must be with a concrete divider and no road should be two way any more.

N. Taking steps for making our Hyderabad Green adding green belts and growing more trees and keeping our city green, clean and free from pollution.

O. Hyderabad should install modern waste management system

P. Hyderabad should also start 211 Emergency services

Q. Modernization of Hyderabad Fire Services

R. Opening of Emergency centres in case of disasters like Floods,
Earthquakes Etc.

S. Building of 5 star Hotels

These are my few suggestions and i am sure from this website we can launch a movement and build a pressure on  authorities to achieve these goals.

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