07 Mar

City Government of Lahore signed an independent and direct agreement with city of Glasgow, UK to upgrade and modernize Fire Fighting services & Emergency 211 services for Lahore and they are silently and seriously working to get Mass Transit system for Lahore without making any noises and alarming any one else just to avoid competition, propaganda and funding obstacles.
Where is our Hyderabad Government and where do we stand in this regard?????
I think No Where with no such plans, strategy, and commitment to initiate these kind of things in our city nor Hyderabad Government is keen to work on creating partnership and linking Hyderabad with any other international city as sister city.
Neither we have a vision to make independent direct deals with other international cities and countries to get financial assistance on these mega projects.
We have to think about our Hyderabad as it always comes first. We don’t care and compare what Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad are doing . In their minds Hyderabad does not exist.

So please act soon and take this as an opportunity to build these mega projects and modernize our Hyderabad in this new era.

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