03 Apr

Please listen to the pleas and act NOW for Hyderabad Mass Transit System. As
a Canadian of Hyderabad Sindh, Pakistan origin i can assist you to connect with Canadian Government and the world’s largest and most prestigious company to design and build light rail or mono rail transit systems for the world cities from Turkey, to Mexico, France to United States, and from Switzerland to Australia. Bombardier is a proud Canadian Company.

Only if Hyderabad Government decides seriously to act with a vision, plan and
commitment then it is possible to build such kind of system for our beautiful Hyderabad, Sindh. I will do my best to assist you and guide you.

Canadian government can fund our project covering through aid and subsidized
loans and Bombardier can build and design state of the art transit system.
Here is the contact info for Bombardier:

John Paul Macdonald (Senior Vice President) Or,
Isabelle Rondeau (Director Communications)
800 Rene-Lavesque Blvd, West
Montreal, Quebec Canada H3B 1Y8
Ph: +1-514-861-9481

Or you can Contact Neil Harvey (Director Communications) Bombardier
Responsible for all other countries in Asia:
Lit church Lane,DE24 8AD Derby, United Kingdom
Ph: +44-13-32-266-470

If you really love Hyderabad then please do something and ACT NOW.

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