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10 Jun

Latifabad is named after the famous Sindhi Sufi poet, Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai. It was formed as an extension to the city of Hyderabad to occupy migrants from across the border after the 1947 partition of the Sub-Continent, along with the town of Qasimabad.

Latifabad was further divided into sectors, sub-classifying its numbered units.  Latifabad has a large concentration of Urdu speaking people, known as the Mahajirs. Latifabad is divided into 12 units, instead of blocks, each numbered. Each unit has its own hospital and number of schools along with residential complexes. At the time of its creation, the town of Latifabad was hailed as being the first ever planned town in Pakistan since its independence.

The town is spread across the southern span of the Hyderabad city and hence referred to as the city’s south end. Being a relatively modern town, Latifabad lacks historical landmarks but holds remenants of the blackened history of the ethnic riots in forms of distorted architecture almost everywhere.

The largest mental hospital for the mentally ill in Pakistan (also the largest in Asia) named after Sir Cowasji Jehangir Readymoney (1812-1878), civil engineer and master constructor of Bomboy, the Sir Cowasji Jehangir Institute of Psychiatry holds ground in Latifabad unit 3, commonly known to the locals as Giddu Bandar.

Other hospitals in Latifabad include St. Elizabeth Hospital, Majee Hospital, Bhittai Hospital and Red Crescent (Hilal-e-Ahmar) Hospital.

The Board of Intermediate Secondary Education, Hyderabad, the body of the Government administering the eductional standards in the city has their headquarters housed in unit 9 in Latifabad.

Unit 8 has a bazaar-cum-shopping center that sells clothes, shoes and bangles, product native to the city. Visitors and shoppers alike visit unit 8 before Eid to buy clothes and gifts. The bazaar is a convenient and economical place to shop. 

Latifabad units has also its own Administration which works under Hyderabad District Administration. The population of Taluqa Latifabad is around 7 lecs.

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