Am I Depressed for Hyderabad Airport?

12 Jun

Some people are thnking that i am Day Dreaming and just because i live in Canada so i am talking of fantasies to build our Hyderabad a Modern city and build International Airport.

No i am NOT. What i am saying is 200% true and correct. It is just Hyderabad Sindh has gone through so much suffering,rejection,and neglection that Citizens of Hyderabad Sindh have become DEEPLY DEPRESSED. We all have to come out from this depression and STOP putting down our very own city. There should be no Inferiority complex and we must not be scared or threatened by the size,power, or big names of Karachi,Lahore or Islamabad. Instead we should be PROUD of ourself that we are also in the line of those great cities. Being 2nd largest city of Sindh and 3rd of Pakistan is already a huge honour. (People of Sindh has already rejected results of 1988 Census as it has decreased the poulation of sindh in general and Hydrabad in specific) So i don’t believe it all such that Hyderabad has become all of a sudden 6th or some even take us down to 8th largest city of Pakistan. I just laugh while the population of  pakistan is increasing at Rocket speed only poulation of Sindh and Hyderabad is going down. What a joke……

Look around yourself my goodness we cannot cross a road or even a street in Hyderabad every thing is fully packed. Go inside Sindh You will see every city,town and village, is packed and teeming with people and all major or link roads and highways are choked. And Yet we are told Poulation of Sindh and Hyderabad is going down. Please Think….

Problem Sindh and Hyderabad has been neglected all these years so there are no modern development projects and infrastructure to cope with the rapid growth of Sindh and Hyderabad.

Trust me guys what our Hyderabad Sindh has got ; None of the other cities of Pakistan have got.

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  1. asif

    November 29, 2010 at 1:55 pm

    Whats your justification thats hyderabad is bigger than islamabad,pindi and faisalabad.
    All past census have shown thats its 6th and not 3rd largest in pakistan.

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