22 Jun

This is for the kind and immediate attention of Respected and Honorable Citizens of Hyderabad that our RANI BAGH which is the HERITAGE OF HYDERABAD SINDH is under attack of systemic Destruction Plan.

It has come to our knowledge that it has been planned to DISMANTLE the whole area of Zoological Gardens and Open Air Theatre and hand over to Land Mafia to build Residential/CommercialPlazas and Housing schemes in that area. Any one who is involved in this evil plan is committing a Heniuos Crime against all the citizens of Hyderabad sindh,The environment of our city and it will heavily damage the Ecological balance of our city. Rani Bagh is like a canopy/green roof over our city which provides us a shelter from urban pollution and toxic chemicals and helps to filter the gases and air of our city.
We were told that all our animals will be back from Karachi once the flood waters are flushed out from Rani Bagh. So far our Animals are still hold as prisoners and captives in Karachi Zoo. We demand immediate safe return of all our animals back to Rani Bagh Hyderabad Sindh. New animals should also be brought in our Rani Bagh to restore its Historic grand past.
We want the original plan of modernization,expansion and beautifican of Rani Bagh must be implemented ASAP and the related funds must be released immediately without any false objections and red tape.
We have to STOP thinking on Ethnic lines and put a STOP on further dividing our city on those lines. Just because Rani Bagh falls under Qasimabad jurisdiction so that we think,act and behave differntly. Shame on all of us who think like that. This is our city and Rani Bagh is our heritage and the only reservoir for ecological balance of our city. No matter what language we speak , but we are all the same and one. Please be inclusive not exclusive. Hyderabad has already suffered too much. No more please.
I would highly urge my fellow citizens to be VIGILANT and especially all the environment activists to STAND UP and Save our Rani Bagh.
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