30 Jun

Metrological Departments of Sindh and Pakistan are predicting more heavy rains after the formation of second cyclone in Arabian sea. Sindh and especially Hyderabad Sindh and its surrounding areas going to be hard hit. Since heavy duty rainfall has started couple of weeks ago and our city is already hard hit but concerned authorities and city government officials are singing the same song of all is ok and playing the game of denial big time. For God’s sake can we please behave as educated, mature, sane people and act like responsible adults. No matter what the tall claims are being made by the authorities but the real picture on the ground is telling us a different story. At least on this one life saving and humanitarian issue we can put dirty politics aside and let us NOT POLITICIZE this issue and really do the best to save our city from Sinking and destruction and save innocent lives of people by doing something concrete with complete honesty. Both Qasimabad and Latifabad are happen to be low lying areas of Hyderabad Sindh. But Authorities are completely ignoring Qasimabad and slowly and gradually all the rain water is submerging in Qasimabad and vast areas are facing threats of sinking which will cause death and damage to innocent life. Why we like to see people suffer and i am unable to understand what one would achieve by doing such inhuman, unislamic and unethical tactics. As authorities are taking care of Latifabad same way they must take care of Qasimabad too. Aren’t we all the same and one kind of people???? Just because people speak different language so we treat them differently. We have to put a STOP to all this nonsense.

Residents of Qasimabad, Hyderabad Sindh also deserve equal and respectable treatment. Media is full of reports of their protests for one simple demand that please release the development funds for Qasimabad, Solve the sewerage problem in Qasimabad by installing (ALREADY APPROVED PUMPING STATIONS) and running them 24 hours on emergency basis. Is it a rocket science or is too hard for the concerned authorities to understand and implement and resolve the whole issue in a harmonious way.

Please remember UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL. Let us learn to love and respect each other. Let us learn to behave and be tolerant to each other and let us be compassionate and caring to each other. God has created us all with so many diversities and differences not to hate each other but to understand, appreciate and respect those differences.

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