31 Jul

Chinese Aircraft Manufacturing firm YUNMA has offered ultra modern CNG buses to all big cities of Pakistan on a very reasonable rates. They can provide 250 to 300 buses per month once any city of Pakistan inks a deal with them. So far Cities of Peshawer, Lahore and Karachi has signed the deals with them and will be receiving these ultra modern buses very soon which will revolutionize the commute travel in these cities.Yunma company is also offering 18 months warranty on these modern buses which have modern technology, security cameras, seperate seats for women, display screens and speed limits to avoid accidents.
I wonder if Hyderabad government is aware about this golden opportunity to modify Local BUS system in Hyderabad Sindh. This is a unique chance for our city to modernize our public transport system until we get a Light rail in our city. If we look into our current bus system which plyes on City-Qasimabad-Latifabad routes is in such a state of shock and misery. And it brings shame for our beloved city and our fellow citizens.
I would highly urge higher authorities in Hyderabad Government to contact Chinese Consulate in Karachi to ink a deal with Yunma firm and take advantage from this great offer.

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