On this 60th INDEPENDENCE DAY 2007.

14 Aug

It is a very happy occassion but  my heart is crying and right now while i am writing this email tears are flowing out of my eyes. Today our beloved motherland Pakistan is 60 years old but we are in sad and most dangerous times of our history. May ALLAH bless our land with happiness and secure us from all the deamons and monsters from suicide bombers to religious terrorism and extremism, insecure law and order state to poverty, ploitical instability to secterian and ethnic strife. Let us pray together that we build our Pakistan a Modern, enlightened, educated, prosperous nation where every single soul living in this land will be treated with love, respect, equality and justice. Ameen!

I always wish and dream of that day when we can celebrate our Independance day really with real freedom free from all worries, fears, insecurities, terrorism, suicide bombing, injustice and inequality but with equal human rights for all human beings living in Pakistan regardless of love, loveual orientation, race, religion,language or ethnicity.

I wish you all again 60th Jashne-e-azadi Mubarak.

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