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30 Sep

This is for the kind information of Hyderabad Government that with close cooperation and guidance of Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce Hyderabad Government should Invite Chinese Ambassador in Pakistan and Chinese Investors from China in Hyderabad Sindh to invest and open new industries and businesses in our city. For this great project Hyderabad Government should establish SPECIAL INDUSTRIAL ZONE only for CHINESE INVESTORS considering very close Pak-China Relationship and Chinese Billions of Dollars investment in Pakistan. Governments of Lahore and Faisalabad have already started work on establishing such kind of zones only for Chinese Investors only. They are greatly benefiting from this progressive move and future oriented thinking.
Hyderabad Government should also consider to declare Hyderabad Sindh a sister city with similar qualities in different countries. For a start Hyderabad Sindh can be declared a sister city with Chinese city of CHUNGDU, A fastly developing city of China. In the same way we can do in other counties of Asia, Europe and North America. I strongly hope that these above mentioned ideas will be considered seriously to uplift our city and to boom the speed of development of Hyderabad Sindh.

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28 Sep

This is for the concerned authorities in Hyderabad Government that there is an IMMEDIATE URGENT NEED OF CONSTRUCTION OF PARKING PLAZAS in Hyderabad Sindh. On Priority basis these plazas must be constructed and they should be multilevel and completely illuminated with lights lifts and modern security features and metal scanners considering the security and state of sensitivity in our society nowadays.
These Parking Plazas should be constructed in City first and then in Qasimabad and Latifabad areas.

In City Parking Plazas should be constructed in following areas where there is no more place for parking.
 1.Tilak Chari Near St marry and Al-Raheem Shopping center.
 2.Market/Sray Ghat/Khai Road
 3.Gari Khata
 4.Saddar Near Hotel Faran/Chandni Shopping district
 5.Cloth Market/Faqir ka Pir area
 6.Hotel City Gate
 7.Thandi Sarak near Shahbaz Building/KFC/State Life Building

Citizens of Hyderabad Sindh will be highly delighted if Hyderabad Government makes announcement in this regard to ease the parking problems of our city.

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27 Sep

This is for immediate attention for the higher ups of Hyderabad Government. LAHORE City gets 3 Billion Dollar Underground Transit plan. Work will start soon after Eid and Mass Transit project will be completed in 3 and a half years. Great news for the people of Lahore and again Lahore beats to every one. But what about our very own HYDERABAD SINDH and where do we stand???

People of Hyderabad Sindh has been asking for years for a rapid mass transit system in Hyderabad but no one seems to take any interest in this most important and urgent matter. Every city has their own needs. I have requested so many times that our Hyderabad Sindh also needs Rapid mass transit system but for us Light Rail (STREET CARS) system will perfectly work. Easy to install tracks without deep digging, Less construction required and cost effective and environment friendly. Plus our city sits on Earthquake fault line so underground system is out of question and we are a  historic city with narrow streets and tight curves. Light Rail Street Car is perfect for us. Bombardier Canada and Siemens Germany are the best builders of Light rail and street Cars in the world. Hyderabad Government authorities must contact them as soon as poosible. I don’t understand what are we waiting for. We are already in deep traffic crisis and Hours Long deadly traffic jams are already killing people of Hyderabad and badly disturbing the everyday life of citizens, commercial activity and badly affecting the climate of our city with polluting smokes and fumes of traffic stuck in traffic jams. Many innocent people have died who were in the ambulances stuck in traffic jams.
It is the most urgent need of the day so please ACT NOW.

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25 Sep

This is for the concerned authorities in Hyderabad Government that Citizens of Hyderabad Sindh are getting sick and tired of daily worsening traffic jams in various parts of City, Qasimabad and Latifabad. I have suggested Mass Rapid transit is the only solution for our city and until we get Light Rail Transit for our city here are the workable and realistic ways to eliminate worst traffic jams. Holy month of Ramzan and Eid is coming soon and it will become a nightmare if we don’t take any actions now.

Following are the ideas:

1. Please install computerized Traffic Signals on all highways, roads and streets of city, Qasimabad and Latifabad immediately. Right now our streets are like signal free corridors and every one is free to drive the way they want and create a mess for every one.

2. Please appoint extra Traffic police staff to implement those signals and fine those who break the signals.

3.Recruit special volunteers to keep the traffic flow smooth and award them with different rewards as free tickets to movies or passes to cultural events or coupons for free shopping.

4. Please paint all the roads, highways and streets of city, Qasimabad and Latifabad with markings and traffic lines so that people can follow some rules.

5. Please make all the streets and roads of city, Qasimabad and Latifabad one way. There has to be CONCRETE DIVIDERS so people can drive in their specific lanes.

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Special Thanks for Building Flyovers in HYDERABAD.

07 Sep

I am really glad to know that Hyderabad Government has realised the urgent need to build Flyovers in Hyderabad Sindh. I highly appreciate the announcement that 2 more flyovers will be built. One in Qasimabad near Wadhuwah and the other on railway crossing on Hyd/Mirpurkhas road. Which is great news as both these places faces worst traffic jams in city. But i will suggest that there is immediate need of building 4 more flyovers or underpasses that will help in easing traffic jams and improve overall traffic flow in Hyderabad.

(A) Tilak Charry Near St Marry/Nazreth College

(B) Kohinoor Chock Near Main Entrance to Resham Gali.

(C) Hotel City Gate

(D) Isra University Near Halla Naka
I would also suggest that Naya Pul which was built many many years ago must be rebuilt and redesigned as it is too narrow to 10 times multiplied high volume traffic of Hyderabad Sindh. There is always a mess to cross this bridge.

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