Special Thanks for Building Flyovers in HYDERABAD.

07 Sep

I am really glad to know that Hyderabad Government has realised the urgent need to build Flyovers in Hyderabad Sindh. I highly appreciate the announcement that 2 more flyovers will be built. One in Qasimabad near Wadhuwah and the other on railway crossing on Hyd/Mirpurkhas road. Which is great news as both these places faces worst traffic jams in city. But i will suggest that there is immediate need of building 4 more flyovers or underpasses that will help in easing traffic jams and improve overall traffic flow in Hyderabad.

(A) Tilak Charry Near St Marry/Nazreth College

(B) Kohinoor Chock Near Main Entrance to Resham Gali.

(C) Hotel City Gate

(D) Isra University Near Halla Naka
I would also suggest that Naya Pul which was built many many years ago must be rebuilt and redesigned as it is too narrow to 10 times multiplied high volume traffic of Hyderabad Sindh. There is always a mess to cross this bridge.

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Special Thanks for Building Flyovers in HYDERABAD., 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating




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