27 Sep

This is for immediate attention for the higher ups of Hyderabad Government. LAHORE City gets 3 Billion Dollar Underground Transit plan. Work will start soon after Eid and Mass Transit project will be completed in 3 and a half years. Great news for the people of Lahore and again Lahore beats to every one. But what about our very own HYDERABAD SINDH and where do we stand???

People of Hyderabad Sindh has been asking for years for a rapid mass transit system in Hyderabad but no one seems to take any interest in this most important and urgent matter. Every city has their own needs. I have requested so many times that our Hyderabad Sindh also needs Rapid mass transit system but for us Light Rail (STREET CARS) system will perfectly work. Easy to install tracks without deep digging, Less construction required and cost effective and environment friendly. Plus our city sits on Earthquake fault line so underground system is out of question and we are a ¬†historic city with narrow streets and tight curves. Light Rail Street Car is perfect for us. Bombardier Canada and Siemens Germany are the best builders of Light rail and street Cars in the world. Hyderabad Government authorities must contact them as soon as poosible. I don’t understand what are we waiting for. We are already in deep traffic crisis and Hours Long deadly traffic jams are already killing people of Hyderabad and badly disturbing the everyday life of citizens, commercial activity and badly affecting the climate of our city with polluting smokes and fumes of traffic stuck in traffic jams. Many innocent people have died who were in the ambulances stuck in traffic jams.
It is the most urgent need of the day so please ACT NOW.

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