19 Oct


This is for the kind information of Hyderabad Government that every big city of Pakistan  is taking lead but our Hyderabad Sindh is stuck in old age style of working pattern. We  cannot even complete to build modern rodas and streets in our city. God knows when that would finish and every time one company or the other breaks the water pipelines and digging up our newly built roads and no stern action is being taken against those who are responsible for this ignorant and careless attitude to destroy our city. While on the other hand Lahore just announced to build their Mass transit system and they chose to build Subways ( Underground Trains), Islamabad has announced to start a study for mass transit in that city and building more underpasses or flyovers plus widening of roads,, Rawalpindi is working for their own mega projects, Faisalabad has daily NINE (9) fast trains leaving to various parts of Pakistan, A bustling Airport, and now again taking the lead Faisalabad will be building 4 ten storeys shopping malls and Car Parking plazas based on most modern lines as they are built in Canada, and Europe.


In these 10 story tall structures 4 levels will be for Car Parking and 6 levels will consist of Modern Shopping mall. Sialkot is working very fast to build an International Airport for that city.


Then we look back to our Beautiful city Hyderabad Sindh with great potentials all we see is dug up streets, broken roads, and massive traffic jams and people protesting and burning tyres against daily Traffic Jams, Water shortages and Load shedding of electricity. No fast trains or Rail Cars connect Hyderabad DIRECTLY to other big cities. All we get a merely 8 to 10 minutes stop of these already packed trains and people of Hyderabad become just mere onlookers instead of getting on them. Same way after such a hard struggle of reopening of our Airport No flights are taking off or landing. No news of building mass transit system (Light Rail/Street Car) for our city nor any news of building high rise malls or Parking plazas, Nor we see big green parks, modern computerized traffic signals, Neither we see city criss crossed by flyovers or underpasses. Building of 5star Hotel is also nowhere in sight, No planning to build a great conference and convention centre of international class for world class conferences and moots, nor we have any modern mega Cineplex and Imax theatre, nor we have any world class Auditorium to hold exhibitions or artistic plays…. List goes on…….



Citizens of Hyderabad Sindh have a right to see this city also develop on modern lines but WHEN would that happen?????? No one knows !!!!!!!!!!! One day this Dream has to become true. Only Hyderabad Government with the help and support of citizens can build our city on modern lines only if we have a vision and faith and courage to act and work together as a team.

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