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Launching Hyderabad Festival in March 2008!!!

25 Dec

Hyderabad Sindh City Government deserves THANKS A MILLION for doing such a noble and great deed to restore HISTORIC PAST of our city by restoring History and Heritage of Hyderabad Sindh.
The golden decision taken by the Honourable Lord Mayor Of Hyderabad Sindh is highly appreciable to renovate Landmark buildings of our city like Pakko Qilo (Fort), Mukhi House, olm Stead Hall, Mirs Tombs, etc and to open them for public during Hyderabad Festival in March 2008 is an amazing and long awaited action.
It is also highly remarkable that the explanatory boards in 3 languages; Sindhi,Urdu and English languages would also be installed and FINALLY these landmark structures would be rescued forever from decline.
Again Hyderabad Government Rocks and this government will always be remembered for its great noble deeds done for the city. Keep it up and we are all with you.

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05 Dec

PIA has initiated flights for Sialkot between Karachi and Sialkot from newly opened Sialkot International Airport and soon International flights would also be starting from Sialkot. Good News for People of Sialkot but sadly it exposes the racial and discriminatory policy of PIA which is National Airline of Pakistan but PIA has become an ETHNIC airline serving only to specific areas and specific people of Pakistan and completely IGNORING SINDH PROVINCE and HYDERABAD SINDH the 2nd largest city of Sindh province and 3rd largest city of Pakistan by NOT RESUMING Flights for Hyderabad Sindh. Hyderabad Airport stands completely FUNCTIONAL but without flights. Citizens of Hyderabad Sindh are deeply disturbed and appalled by such kind of double standards and discrimination of PIA against the Citizens of Hyderabad Sindh.

People of Hyderabad Sindh demand that PIA MUST RESUME its FLIGHTS from Hyderabad Sindh for major National and International destinations.

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