25 Jan

On behalf of all the citizens of Hyderabad Sindh living in Toronto,Canada and the Citizens living in Hyderabad Sindh we want to congratulate the hard efforts of Hyderabad Government to bring International Cricket back to our beloved city after a decade (10 Years). It is delightfull and amazing to see Hyderabad Sindh back on International Arena. It makes us all very proud. The way this one day international match was organized and planned it proved that we can do it if we want to do it. All the tribute goes to each and every one who was involved in this great task; Especially Hyderabad Government and Hyderabad Nazim. Again CONGRATULATIONS to all of you.

I hope that this spirit would be continued and in future International matches and other events will be held in our city regularly. And tradition of IGNORING HYDERABAD SINDH will be eliminated forever. We need a 5 Star hotel of International standards immediately to make our city a world class city. I would highly recommend that this grand hotel must consist CONFERENCE AND CONVENTION CENTRE OF WORLD LEVEL to hold high level international conferences and summits in our city.
This hotel must have a shopping arcade and cultural centre where Sindh cultural arts and crafts and heritage of Hyderabad should be on Display at the same time design and construction of this hotel must reflect our rich sindh culture Being Hyderabad the cultural capital of Sindh. This hotel should also have various world class restaurents catering different cuisines from Sindhi/Pakistani foods to Oriental and Western foods. Also massive parking area should also be built in this hotel complex.
I would also take this opportunity to remind Hyderabad Government to focus on Immediate Planning and Building (LIGHT RAIL).

Mass Transit Plan for our city. We cannot afford to delay this any more otherwise every one will suffer the consequences.

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  1. Arun Zaheeruddin

    April 2, 2008 at 4:45 pm

    Dear Jawed, first of all, good going with a special blog dedicated to Hyderabad. We feel like you have done a lot for the city.

    Secondly, I’d just put my finger on the topic of a mass transit plan for the city.

    Now if by mass transit you means rails in any form be it light rails or trams, etc., then forget about it. Hyderabad can neither afford nor has the capacity to build one.

    However, we can clean up the mess on the roads and may some day be able to build an efficient local bus service. You enjoy a decent bus service in Toronto and I admire the one here in London.

    But tell me how the Government can set up routes for the buses when there are no names for the roads. Ironic, isn’t it?

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