09 Mar

It is sad to know that all major federal departments of Pakistan has some sort of hatred against 2nd largest city of Sindh–The cultural Capital of Sindh and 3rd Largest City of Pakistan one of the oldest in the world with longest bazaar in the world. SinceĀ 19979 Hyderabad Sindh has beenĀ  ignored and a victim of Step Motherly treatment. All the federal Departments from PIA to Pakistan Railways, from PTV to Trade and Industries.

Our city has seen history of Broken Promises or Complete Shut Down. PIA dumped our city from their network and till this day they are not willing to resume flights. Pakistan Railways stole all our Railcars and already installed poles for electric trains and moved everything to Punjab Province. Then PTV was directed to work on opening a Television Station PTV Center in Hyderabad Sindh in 1970’s but in 1980’s this project was silently shelved and became the diet of dust. But the current news of Multan getting PTV Center and Pakistan Television Station in Multan will be functioning soon opens our old wounds. We are always happy to see modern development in all cities towns and villages of Pakistan. But we cannot accept double standards and discrimination and limited development in some pockets of Pakistan. I highly urge Hyderabad Government to contact PTV as soon as possible to remind them to fulfill their old promise of opening PTV Center in our City. It is injustice to see 3 PTV centers in one province and only one PTV center in Sindh.
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