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Hyderabad City Traffic Management Plan.

13 May


This is for the kind attention of Hyderabad Government that literally there is no traffic management plan for our great city of Hyderabad Sindh in place. Nothing exists to improve daily traffic jams and horrible accidents and chicken fights among citizens of Hyderabad Sindh. Due to such alarming situation citizens of Hyderabad Sindh have become SHORT TEMPERED,HIGHLY STRESSED,RISE IN BLOOD PRESSURE and WORSENING OF MENTAL HEALTH. Every day hundreds of people attack and hand fight on the streets of our city due to traffic chaos. Are we waiting to be hit by a big incident which will again soak our city in blood. Please we live in modern times and if we plan we can avoid all such troubles and create a peaceful environment in our city.

Why it is so difficult to plan and implement Traffic Management in Hyderabad Sindh while city of Lahore has successfully adopted and implemented various plans. If they can do it we can also do it. There is no Rocket Science involved in it.
Following are my suggestions:
1. Please hire un-employed young graduates both men and women as Traffic Control Officers. Give them modern traffic control cars and motor bikes like Lahore and other cities. Then you will see the amazing results.

2. Please Please install “TRAFIC LIGHTS” in all intersections Major or small in all areas of City, Qasimabad and Latifabad. Make sure that these Traffic lights are  functional and has to work all the times.And appoint these young Traffic control Officers to strictly implement Traffic Signal rules.

3. Please mark all the highways and streets of Hyderabad Sindh including City, Qasimabad, and Latifabad with international standard marks, lines, concrete dividers, arrows, and Sign Boards with directions written in English, Sindhi and Urdu languages.

4. Please hold constantly Public Awareness meetings about Traffic Management by involving people.

5. Those who break traffic rules must be strictly punished regardless of their political, influential or rich high scale background. Rules are rules and should be equally implemented for both rich and poor. Without proper traffic sense we would not be able to resolve this issue.

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13 May

This is for the kind information that if Hyderabad Government want they can resolve energy crisis for our city and we can also lead the whole nation of Pakistan. We are so lucky and fortunate that Hyderabad Sindh has a hot and humid windy weather year round and full sunlight. We can take advantage of our geographic location and warm windy climate and create and transform energy from Sun and high winds. We can install “WIND MILLS” and SOLAR ENERGY SYSTEMS. If we install 4 Wind mills each one for City, Qasimabad, Latifabad and Rural talukas and then 4 Solar Energy Stations again one for each Taluka. Trust me we will resolve all our energy crisis and we can Declare our city Hyderabad Sindh a city of Lights which never sleeps.

Asian Development Bank and Govt of Japan provides free technical assistance for installation of such systems and they also provide soft loans free from interests to attain alternative forms of energy. Now again Hyderabad Government has to work on modern lines and initiate the dialogue with the concerned authorities to get all for our city. When there is a will there is a way.

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11 May

This is heartbreaking to see that Hyderabad District Government is completely ignoring Qasimabad.

Hyderabad Sindh consists of City+Qasimabad+Latifabad+Rural= Four Talukas.
But all the modern development work is taking place only in City and Latifabad as Qasimabad does not exist in Hyderabad Sindh. Such kind of attitude has no place at all. We need to bring harmony and peace in this already divided city of ours. Our city had enough of all destruction and hatred.
We have to stand together and serve all with no discrimination whatsoever. It is also noticed that whenever foreign delegates visit Hyderabad and meet District government officials only City and Latifabad representatives are invited in those meetings and Qasimabad Taluka administration is kept out. Such kind of racial behaviour and discriminatory attitude is NOT acceptable at all.
Yes i agree that all the hype is about Flyovers and Yes 2 of them are in Qasimabad. But apart from that one cannot see any other development like the way City and Latifabad have been taken care off. All major roads and streets of Qasimabad are broken and in worst conditions but no asphalt road construction plan for Qasimabad. All the roundabouts and street lights are broken. No plan to build green belts, beautify roundabouts, and install Mercury Street lights in Qasimabad as all these developments have taken place in City and Latiafabad areas. There is not a single traffic signal in Qasimabad. There is a great need to install traffic lights on all major intersections in Qasimabad.
Parks in Qasimabad and green spaces are urgently needed. Daily Water Shortages have become a new phenomenon since water line for Qasimabad has been shared with Latiafabad.
There are no modern Fire Fighting services or vehicles, Ambulances to help in events of emergency.
There are no modern Garbage pick up vehicles or modern waste disposal trucks.
Qasimabad urgently needs modern fire fighting facilities, ambulances and waste disposal management services. Zilla Nazim is responsibile for all citizens and all areas of Hyderabad Sindh but for some odd reason he has limited his services and himself only for the people of City and Latifabad.
Which is not fair and totally un-acceptable. We are all the same and one people. We have to learn from the mistakes of past. If we want to build our beautiful city a modern city then we have to treat every one and all areas equally. That is the only secret of success.
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