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30 Jul


MNA’s and MPA’s of Hyderabad Sindh have unanimously REJECTED Civil Aviation Authority’s Discriminatory Argument about Hyderabad Sindh Airport that ” RUNWAY IS NOT LONG ENOUGH” for landing and take off of flights. They have called CAA’s stance based on PREJUDICE AND COMPLETE DISCRIMINATION AGAINST the city of HYDERABAD SINDH, SINDH PROVINCE and PEOPLE OF SINDH at large. There are many airports in Punjab province with much smaller runways where CAA has no problem and PIA is running flights. But whenever it is About Hyderabad Sindh , The Gateway of Sindh, The Cultural Capital of Sindh , and The 2nd largest and 2nd most important city of Sindh, CAA and PIA have millions of excuses to keep this airport closed and deprive people of Sindh and especially Industrialists, Agriculturalists, and Frequent International Travelers and Visitors Of Sindh. It is purely based on discrimination and prejudice. 5 International Airports for Punjab and only one for Sindh in Karachi. MNA’s and MPA’s have asked openly “WHY SINDH and HYDERABAD SINDH is being Punished For?
MNA’s and MPA’s have decided to take action and raise this issue on the Parliament floor if PIA and CAA does not resume flights for Hyderabad on August 3rd,2008 as promised and scheduled.
It is eye-opening for everyone that CAA has billions of dollars budget and responsible to develop, upgrade, and modernize airports of Pakistan but all these years CAA only spent all those billions of dollars in just one Punjab province of Pakistan while SINDH was completely IGNORED. How come they did nothing to upgrade, develop and modernize airport of Hyderabad Sindh!!!
Is Sindh is not part of Pakistan ?????? Is Hyderabad Sindh is not a Pakistani City. Looks like no one learns lessons from history. Such kind of discriminatory actions only creates distances and weaken the solidarity of Pakistan. Please Open the HYDERABAD SINDH AIRPORT IMMEDIATELY AND UPGRADE IT AS AN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. Serving Sindh is also serving Pakistan, Developing Sindh is also developing Pakistan. Success of Hyderabad Sindh is success of Pakistan. Times have changed and no body can assume that citizens of Hyderabad Sindh are naive or stupid nor can any one stop Hyderabad Sindh from Rapid Development and from becoming the Future BOOM TOWN OF PAKISTAN.
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28 Jul

It is just heartbreaking that there are some Evil Forces and Hidden Hands who are determined to keep our beloved city Hyderabad Sindh in darkness. Airports are are vital for any city’s growth, expansion, and fast development. But now it is has become very clear that these forces are very much against development of our city. On one hand we have Prime Minister of Pakistan, Government of Sindh, Chief Minister of Sindh, Governor of Sindh, Lord Mayor of Hyderabad Sindh, and Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce all united and strongly committed to Re-Open our Airport.
On the other hand are these Evil forces and Hidden Hands who are doing their best to block opening of our Airport. Sometimes the excuse is Security and sensitivity of our location, then it is lack of business, then it is Poor Terminal Services, and now it is Non-Functional Runway.
These same forces don’t even mention our city’s name in their list of Pakistani Airports on their website. The enemy of our city has come out with full force and out of gloves. They are so strong that even Prime Minister, Sindh Govt, Chief Minister of Sindh and Governor Sindh are helpless and their orders and instructions are ignored at all.

Hyderabad City Business have provided data with proof that more than 80 lacks to one crore rupees air tickets are sold both for Domestic and International Destinations. How can they say that at their is no business and we are the only city with Air University and yet we are not allowed to have an International Airport. For Sindh only one Airport in Karachi but for Punjab 5 International Airports.

The message is very clear. Such kind of Discrimination is Anti-Pakistan. For a happy and strong Pakistan we urgently need International Airport in Hyderabad Sindh. But enemies know once we get the airport Hyderabad Sindh will become THE BOOM TOWN of Pakistan leaving behind all the cities in Pakistan.

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