26 Aug

First of all i am very grateful to Honorable Minister Mr. Syed Naveed Qamar for his kind and personal efforts in Re-Opening of Hyderabad Sindh Airport and i am also grateful to Hyderabad District Government for their non-stop hard work to Re-Open our Airport. It gives a great relief that FINALLY Hyderabad Sindh Airport is open and 2nd largest city of Sindh Province and Cultural Capital of Sindh is again Re-Connected with the globe by air and our city is back on world map.

I have very important suggestions to improve flight services and make Hyderabad Sindh Airport a profitable and successful airport.

1. Please Upgrade and name this airport as “SHAH ABDUL LATIF BHITAI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT”.

2. Please provide permanent Re-Fuelling installations and services at the airport so that Direct Flights can be resumed from Hyderabad Sindh. CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) has mentioned that they are ready to provide the services immediately if the Honorable Minister Syed Naveed Qamar issues the orders. So this important and life saving requirement for our airport is just a phone call away. I urge Mr. Syed Naveed Qamar to take personal interest and please issue the directive. Lord Mayor of Hyderabad District Government can please Follow-Up on this important issue.

3. Hyderabad District Government, Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce jointly with help of industrialists and agriculturalists of Hyderabad Sindh can invest and operate Hyderabad Sindh International Airport the way Sialkot International Airport is functioning. In this regard a delegation must be formed and sent to Sialkot to learn from their successful experience.

4. To make our Airport a success DIRECT FLIGHTS must be launched immediately. Without DIRECT access to Karachi the purpose of having an Airport in Hyderabad Sindh will not be successful. To make our airport a success Immediate DIRECT flights to Karachi must be resumed ASAP on Daily basis. There is a huge volume of Traffic From Hyderabad to Jinnah International Airport Karachi to connect. Thousands of People from all over Sindh and Hyderabad Sindh daily commute to Jinnah International Airport. Connecting Hyderabad Airport with Karachi DIRECTLY would solve this problem and Hyderabad Airport would become one of the busiest airports of Pakistan.

5. I highly recommend that initially 2 Direct flights Daily between Hyderabad and Karachi must resume. One flight should depart for Karachi from Hyderabad in Morning and 2nd flight should depart for Karachi in the early evening from Hyderabad so that People of Hyderabad Sindh can connect with International flights easily and smoothly. Later on a Commuter Shuttle service of 6 to 8 flights between Hyderabad and Karachi should resume in phase One. While in phase 2 10-15 flights daily between Hyderabad and Karachi should be commenced. Location and Air Distance of Hyderabad Sindh and Karachi is in the same bracket like: Toronto-New York, Toronto-Chicago, Toronto-Ottawa, Toronto-Montreal, New York-Chicago, Kualalumpur-Singapore, Dubai-Abu Dhabi, Sydney-Melbourne etc. All these cities i have mentioned have fast commuter shuttle flight services and generate great amount of revenues. Hyderabad Sindh and Karachi sector must be looked through the same prism and vision.

6. DIRECT flights for Dubai and Abu Dhabi must be launched from Hyderabad Sindh airport immediately for fast and convenient connections for International Travel at initial level.

7. PIA should resume International flights for Hyderabad Sindh for following destinations as soon as Possible:
a. Dubai
b. Abu Dhabi
c. Toronto
d. London
e. New York
f. Bangkok
g. Beijing
h. Jeddah.

For Example a flight will be Karachi-Hyderabad-Toronto, and Toronto-Hyderabad-Karachi. It is nothing new the way PIA connects Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad and Sialkot the same way we are asking Hyderabad Sindh should be connected.

8. Hyderabad District Government and Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce should initiate a dialogue with private airlines both domestic and international like Air Blue, Shaheen, ETIHAD Airways, EMIRATES, GULF AIR, SRILANKAN Airlines Etc… start flights from our city and sell them how important and profitable it is for them. WE have to Market aggressively our City and our Airport.

9. Hyderabad Government and Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce have to continue their pressure building for rapid modernization and expansion of Hyderabad Sindh Airport so that Big Jumbo Jets, Boeing and Air Bus planes can land and take off from our city. We need to build hangers and modern runways and aprons for International Aircrafts movements. A push for a new and most modern terminal building must be moved forward at the same time.

10.Cargo Flights must resume from our Airport ASAP to facilitate the fast functioning of industrial and agricultural sector which is a back bone for our city’s rapid development. FEDEX and DHL can also be included as they also do a great business in Hyderabad Sindh.

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  1. Aamer Zaahidd

    September 4, 2008 at 11:51 am

    Dear Jawed, Assalamo alikum. I am indeed really pleased to see a Hyderabad lover like you. Please be assure there are million of Hyderabadis having deep love for our city/dist but lack the requisite forum or approach to highlight their sentiments. Please let me know if I can be of any help in building up the image or in compaiging for our beloved city. Thanks and God bless U, Aamen.

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  2. Abbey

    July 8, 2009 at 4:39 pm

    Hi….it is interesting to see your comittment to Hyderabad Airport. Just a suggestion to the authorities of Hyderabad Airport, it maybe worth speaking to Flydubai airlines just started up in Dubai, to maybe look at a route Dubai to Hyderabad Sind, as I am sure you will be able to offer competetive rates to them for landing etc.

    they have also just started other routes which are like Hyderabad not on the mainstream networks of International airlines.

    Hope someone does pick up on this idea.


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  3. Javed Ahmed

    September 26, 2009 at 4:33 pm

    I don’t understand why they do not start the domestic connected flights from Hyderabad to the other major cities of Pakistan specially to Karachi there is a huge traffic volume from Hyerabad to Karachi and from Karachi to Hyderabad if you will survey the buses goes from Hyderabad to Karachi and from Karachi to Hyderabad always full people wants some good services even they are ready to pay little more specially if some foreign tourist comes to Paksitan what type of image they will take with them thatswhy I highly recommend to consider on this point.I am out from Pakistan from last 30 years whenever I come to Pakistan I lost my lots of time even I will suggest Hyderabad Airport has the capacity to link with the other foreign countries Airport like Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other Europen Countries also.I will also suggest they should have to start the mono rails inside the Hyderabad City.
    Your Sincerely
    Javed Ahmed

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