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17 Sep

This is for the kind attention for Hyderabad District Government and all the Well-wishers of Hyderabad Sindh, That the 2nd largest city and Cultural Capital of Sindh is “AGAIN IGNORED”. Government of Pakistan will be getting thousands of dollars from Sweden to set up ultra modern Rescue Centres in Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. An agreement has been signed in this regard. Sweden will build and set up these most modern centres to handle big emergencies like fires, earthquakes, break-up of big buildings or any kind of disaster. We are not complaining but we are happy that such kind of centres are being set up in cities of Pakistan. But it becomes problematic when every mega development project is “SUCKED IN” this Triangle of Three as Pakistan starts and ends there. This narrow-minded thinking has already caused so much harm for the peace and progress of Pakistan.

I highly urge that Hyderabad District Government should take notice of this discrimination and take up this issue immediately with concerned authorities and Swedish Government. Hyderabad Sindh also needs this kind of centre and it is a very valid demand which must be fulfilled as soon as possible.
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