01 May

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) openly discriminates against 2nd largest city of Sindh province, Cultural Capital of Sindh and a major financial, agricultural and industrial city of Pakistan by not launching INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS and NOT EVEN FLIGHTS FOR KARACHI from Hyderabad Sindh.

All we got is weekly flights for Lahore and Islamabad via Nawabshah. As PIA has done great noble deed on citizens of this city… What a joke!!!!

Flights to Lahore and Islamabad are ok but real issue and problem of citizens of this great city Hyderabad Sindh has not resolved as there are no flights for Karachi and still citizens of Hyderabad Sindh are suffering cuz they have to travel to Karachi by road to catch international flights.

THANK YOU PIA for all your help. What a big help you are to our city. PIA has all the silly excuses not to fly for Karachi cuz Karachi is so close and then there is no need to launch International flights from Hyderabad Sindh again because it is so close to Karachi. WHO ARE THEY TRYING TO FOOL?????????

PIA is a “National Airline” and that means it has to treat all cities of Pakistan and all people of Pakistan equally by providing them equal travelling services. But that is not the case. When it comes to other cities and provinces of Pakistan PIA has a totally different, flexibile, and friendly policy.

PIA’ s Double standards are exposed when recently PIA launched INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS from small and sleepy towns of Southern Punjab.

PIA has launched direct flights to Abu Dhabi from Rahimyarkhan. PIA has launched direct flights to Dubai from Dera Ghazi Khan. PIA has already connected Multan with international flights to Dubai.

Now who on earth will deny that HYDERABAD SINDH is 100 times bigger than Rahimyarkhan and Dera Ghazi Khan. YES they can have flights not just domestic but direct international. But 2nd largest city of Sindh and cultural Capital of Sindh HYDERABAD cannot… !!!!!!

What a shameful and discriminatory policy for people of Hyderabad Sindh as Hyderabad Sindh does not belong to Pakistan and it has no importance for PIA.

Such kind of double standards only create more divisions to already polarized and divided society. PIA proudly says as a its motto bringing people together But PIA has proved one more time that its motto, policies and vision does not apply to Hyderabad Sindh.

I highly urge all concerned authorities of Hyderabad Sindh and all well-wishers of our city to stand up for our genuine right to have direct International flights to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, London and Toronto from Hyderabad Sindh immediately. At the same time PIA must start Inter City Flights between Hyderabad ad Karachi as soon as possible.

Thanks for taking your time,

Jawed Akhter

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