20 Jun
I have been bombarded by pleas and complaints from residents of Qasimabad Hyderabad Sindh regarding newly constructed Hosh Muhammed Shaheed Flyover in Qasimabad. I kindly request Respected Zila Nazim to consider these pleas seriously and look into the matter personally.
Here are the complaints: 
1.Hosh Muhammed Shaheed Flyover has SERIOUS DESIGN FLAWS and it has literally BLOCKED all the ENTRANCES to Qasimabad.
2. Instead of easing the traffic flow smoothly this flyover has caused more traffic congestion and accidents.
3.Residents of Qasimabad Hyderabad Sindh, feel ignored and left out because there was no community consultation before construction.
Here are few suggestions:
A. Millions of Rupees of Taxpayers money is spent on construction of flyovers to assist and facilitate people. But lack of coordination, proper community consultations, and wrong technical design can turn the whole project into a PUBLIC EYE SORE and Huge LOSS of Money as well.
B. Residents of Qasimabad are not against construction of flyovers but highly appreciate the rapid modernization and want to actively participate so that flyovers are a real blessing for the residents instead of becoming a curse of everyday.
C. Please consider changes in already built Hosh Muhammed Shahed flyover by adding ENTRY and EXIT Lanes connecting this flyover to both entrances of Qasimabad (1) Near Indus Gas Entrance to Main Qasimabad (2) Right at Wadhoo Wah Road near Petrol Pump.
D. Right now Hosh Muhammed Shaheed Flyover has BLOCKED both entrances of Qasimabad and heavy duty traffic entering into Qasimabad and exiting from Qasimabad has no easy and direct access to flyover and they have to find ways through congested and dark roads under the flyover.
E. District Government has publicly promised that this flyover is being built for the benefits of Residents of Qasimabad but instead this flyover is doing the opposite and serving the traffic on National highway but no help or facility for Residents of Qasimabad.
F. I highly urge the District Government of Hyderabad Sindh that please make these necessary changes as soon as possible and please build these ENTRY and EXIT lanes at both entry points of Qasimabad and connect them with Flyover.
G. Latifabad flyover is a solid example the way it has designed connecting the flyover with all the roads to Latifabad; Same way it should have been designed. I don’t understand WHY designers don’t follow universal concept while designing and building this flyover in Qasimabad as well.
H. People are seriously asking these questions that no other flyover has blocked any area EXCEPT this flyover which has completely blocked Qasimabad.
I. Same time NO Mass Tower LIGHTS have been installed on this Qasimabad flyover as such lights have been installed on Latifabad flyover.
At night time Qasimabad flyer is soaked in darkness and becomes a DANGER ZONE at night time causing more accidents and tensions for residents of Qasimabad Hyderabad Sindh.

I hope that Respected Zila Nazim will kindly take URGENT notice of this serious issue and i highly urge him to take personal interest and hold a public consultation meeting with residents of Qasimabad and please make all appropriate changes to fix this wrongfully designed flyover.
For Zila Nazim happiness and satisfaction of all citizens of Hyderabad Sindh should come first. I know Respected Zila Nazim is a very kind hearted, caring and community oriented personality. So it will not be a a problem for him. He should take an immediate tour of this flyover and meet with people of Qasimabad and take them into confidence and make the builder and designers of this flyover responsible to fix the flyover as per peoples suggestions as soon as possible.
Thanks for taking your time,  
Jawed Akhter
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