06 Aug

On behalf of myself, Apna Hyderabad Team and Citizens of Hyderabad Sindh and admirers of Hyderabad Sindh.

Let us give a BIG HAND to HYDERABAD GOVERNMENT and ZILA NAZIM for standing up for our beloved city and making us all proud and making our beloved city shine, tall and ultra modern. Recent landmark achievement is beautification of Entrance and Surroundings of Hyderabad Railway Station. I highly appreciate this thoughtful ad wishfull thinking and practical planning and implementation. I hope soon Airport Road, Airport Surroundings and Entrance of Airport would also go through a rapid plan of beautification and modernization.

I also kindly request Hyderabad Government to look keenly into progress and beautification of “QASIMABAD” as well. Qasimabad is also integral part of Hyderabad Sindh and it should be and must be treated equally as City and Latifabad areas are treated. Just now Qasimabad is standing way behind in progress, modernization and beautification compared to development of City and Latifabad.

I am also suggesting that Hyderabad Sindh Traffic Police should also launch FM Radio Station to keep the citizens of Hyderabad Sindh up todate with ongoing Traffic situation on major streets, highways and all the arteries; connecting to various part of Hyderabad Sindh (City+Qasimabad+Latifabad) and all the traffic entering into Hyderabad Sindh and Exiting from Hyderabad Sindh. It has to be understood that Location of Hyderabad Sindh is very unique and vital due to its central location in SINDH and major connection point between Karachi, Rest of Sindh and Pakistan. Hyderabad Sindh has the same strategic location in Sindh as Lahore has in Punjab. Lahore traffic Police has already launched FM Radio Station of its own. Hyderabad District Government can assist Hyderabad Traffic Police to launch FM Radio Station. This station should relay live traffic related coverage, advisories and updates mixed with music in all three languages Urdu+Sindhi+English simultaniously. It will be a great help and will bring our beloved city in line with other world class cities like Toronto, London, Paris, Kualalumpur, Berlin, Hong kong, Shanghai etc.

Once again A BIG THANK YOU to Hyderabad District Government for a vision,mission and implementation.

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