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This blog is for and about Hyderabad city, here we discuss every thing about Hyderabad city. It can be any information or any complaint regarding Distirict Hyderabad Sindh.

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  • I was born and raised up in Hyderabad (City of Breeze). I have been in UK, USA, and Canada for last 7 years. It has been two years since I visited Hyderabad. But today after watching pictures and videos on Apnahyderabad, I am feeling proud and full of joy on the development of this city. No matter where you go and where you live, and no matter how beautiful that city is, you can never forget your birth city. I think that’s what the case is with me.

    I have seen the videos not once but couple of times, first of all I would like to thank Apnahyderabad’s whole team for their efforts of making this extra ordinary documentary film on Hyderabad.

    I think the only suggestion I would like to make on the development program of the city to the great passionate, loyal Mr. Naveed Qammar (the Nazim of Hyderabad) is to improve the security situation in the city for the following reasons:

    • In order to improve the security
    • To stop the criminal activities
    • To make the city safer
    • For economic growth
    • For attracting investors from all over the world

    Every investors thinks about the safety of the territory where he/she is investing. Investors always think before investing that how safe the investment would be and how cooperative the authorities of the city are with them. In order to bring more investment and make Hyderabad economically stable and strong like other small cities like Sialkot, Faisalabad etc. Nazim needs to revise the security plans of Hyderabad because, according to international survey carried by Mintel (2007) investors are not happy to invest in the city due to the poor security situation. It got even worst after the death of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto.

    We need to form two comities in order to make this city more prosperous and economically strong, in order to make people’s living standard high and attracting investors.

    • One comity which will only monitor the safety of each individual at their best capability (Because current system doesn’t seem to work)
    • Second comity will carry out the surveys and attract investors not only from Pakistan but from all over the world.
    • Economic growth is the back bone of any nation, and in order to raise the standard of living of the people of Hyderabad and make job opportunities available for every person.

    In last I would once again like to thank to the city government and apnahyderabad team for their endless efforts towards making this city internationally renowned and making Hyderabad better and safer place to live.

    Pakistan Zindabad

  • Dear Mr. Usman Baig,
    I can understand your feelings for your birthplace as I am also living very far from my birthplace which is also Hyderabad but it is India. I also have same kind of attachment with my Hyderabad as you have but I also have some attachment with Hyderabad Sindh specially Mirpur Khas area. The reason for this is—-
    About 70 years ago, my grandfather Syed Zakir Hussain while returning from Iraq to India, stopped at MirpurKhas in mohalla Allah yar Khan with one of his friends. Due to some reason he left his daughter named Safia and a son named Mohsin with his friend who was a landlord in Allah Yar Khan and brought his eldest son Syed Hashim Ali with him to India. My father was 9-10 years old then. After coming to India my grandfather died. My father was brought up by one of his uncles who also died after some years. My father could never trace his lost brother and sister. Now he is old but still longs to meet his siblings. Me and my brother and sisters have been trying to find our lost relatives by searching the internet but in vain. If you could help me find my lost relatives I shall be greatful to you for ever and definitely Allah will reward you. Presently I am living in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. You can contact me on my email. aeliyaji@rediffmail.com

  • Dear Mr. Usman,

    Kahlil Jibran, the Labanese philosopher once said:

    “At ebb tide I wrote a line upon the sand;
    and gave it all my heart and all my soul,
    At flood tide i returned to see what i had inscibed;
    and found my ignorance upon the shore.”

    I am a citizen of the earth. I love this wonderful planet, this little jewel of the Milky Way that we inhabit. Unfortunately, those who control the economics of this planet have drawn lines on its sands and divided it into one hundred and ninty five fragments to serve their own vested interests. And whereas sitting comfortably in thier palaces and chambers they benifit from this fragmentation immensely, we the meek toil hard to preserve the sanctity of this fragmentation marching to ballads set to the tunes of blissful ignorance.

    Even more sad is the further divisions we make of our fragments,dividing ourselves further into provinces and cities and towns and talukas and districts and God knows what else. Okay, so these divisions are a bureaucratic slight of the hand aimed at managing affairs of the rural and urban groups, do we really now have to wear these divides as identity labels on our lapels?

    Whereas it is not my place to judge your sentiments about the city your parents [and perhaps ancestors] chose to inhabit when you were given birth to, must you vilify everyone from Multan to Sialkot in the name of your love for that city?

    I felt seriously depressed after having read the contents of your blog. There is enough hatered in between the lines you have written to poison every drop of water in every river that flows through this piece of land. Had this blog been penned by a Sindhi Nationalist, the deluge of venom would have made perfect sense. But when someoe like you, a seemingly moderate individual, lashes at sensibilities of those not extremists, then it becomes something to cry the heart over.

    I hope that once the flood tide sets in, ignorance inscribed on the sand has not cut through our hearts and souls.

  • Dear my view point is somehow inter related. i am engineer in wapda in pakistan.
    i want to draw ur attention to the way the jobs are bestowed in sindh.

    1. pir mazhar ul haq two days ago at shrine of Mohtarma Shaheed Benazir bhutto has told the qulified lectures who have been selected through sindh public service commision, that their induction process was not correct. hence they are denied for the posting orders.
    i ask honourable senior minister:

    if process was not correct, then did he order the enquiry in this case?

    was chairman spsc brought to court of law?

    if spsc is at fault then defaulters must be arrested?

    irregularities must be brought to public as the meritoreus and poor successful candidates may decide their future line of action.

    2. In punjab, the punjab public service commision holds free and fair exams annually. the poor and meritoreous applicants are regularlty inducted in the govt departments. Unfortuntely in sindh all is reverse. The present govt is continuosly callopsing the institutions like sindh public service commision. now cm sindh has annouced that the post for deputy director revenue will be filled departmentally not through spsc. this is only intended to sell the seats on lucrative amounts.

    Dear sindhis, unite for ur rights. i am already in job. and i dont need any new job. but the people who will come through non merit methods will deny justice to the poor. THEY MUST BE STOPPED.




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