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20 Jun
I have been bombarded by pleas and complaints from residents of Qasimabad Hyderabad Sindh regarding newly constructed Hosh Muhammed Shaheed Flyover in Qasimabad. I kindly request Respected Zila Nazim to consider these pleas seriously and look into the matter personally.
Here are the complaints: 
1.Hosh Muhammed Shaheed Flyover has SERIOUS DESIGN FLAWS and it has literally BLOCKED all the ENTRANCES to Qasimabad.
2. Instead of easing the traffic flow smoothly this flyover has caused more traffic congestion and accidents.
3.Residents of Qasimabad Hyderabad Sindh, feel ignored and left out because there was no community consultation before construction.
Here are few suggestions:
A. Millions of Rupees of Taxpayers money is spent on construction of flyovers to assist and facilitate people. But lack of coordination, proper community consultations, and wrong technical design can turn the whole project into a PUBLIC EYE SORE and Huge LOSS of Money as well.
B. Residents of Qasimabad are not against construction of flyovers but highly appreciate the rapid modernization and want to actively participate so that flyovers are a real blessing for the residents instead of becoming a curse of everyday.
C. Please consider changes in already built Hosh Muhammed Shahed flyover by adding ENTRY and EXIT Lanes connecting this flyover to both entrances of Qasimabad (1) Near Indus Gas Entrance to Main Qasimabad (2) Right at Wadhoo Wah Road near Petrol Pump.
D. Right now Hosh Muhammed Shaheed Flyover has BLOCKED both entrances of Qasimabad and heavy duty traffic entering into Qasimabad and exiting from Qasimabad has no easy and direct access to flyover and they have to find ways through congested and dark roads under the flyover.
E. District Government has publicly promised that this flyover is being built for the benefits of Residents of Qasimabad but instead this flyover is doing the opposite and serving the traffic on National highway but no help or facility for Residents of Qasimabad.
F. I highly urge the District Government of Hyderabad Sindh that please make these necessary changes as soon as possible and please build these ENTRY and EXIT lanes at both entry points of Qasimabad and connect them with Flyover.
G. Latifabad flyover is a solid example the way it has designed connecting the flyover with all the roads to Latifabad; Same way it should have been designed. I don’t understand WHY designers don’t follow universal concept while designing and building this flyover in Qasimabad as well.
H. People are seriously asking these questions that no other flyover has blocked any area EXCEPT this flyover which has completely blocked Qasimabad.
I. Same time NO Mass Tower LIGHTS have been installed on this Qasimabad flyover as such lights have been installed on Latifabad flyover.
At night time Qasimabad flyer is soaked in darkness and becomes a DANGER ZONE at night time causing more accidents and tensions for residents of Qasimabad Hyderabad Sindh.

I hope that Respected Zila Nazim will kindly take URGENT notice of this serious issue and i highly urge him to take personal interest and hold a public consultation meeting with residents of Qasimabad and please make all appropriate changes to fix this wrongfully designed flyover.
For Zila Nazim happiness and satisfaction of all citizens of Hyderabad Sindh should come first. I know Respected Zila Nazim is a very kind hearted, caring and community oriented personality. So it will not be a a problem for him. He should take an immediate tour of this flyover and meet with people of Qasimabad and take them into confidence and make the builder and designers of this flyover responsible to fix the flyover as per peoples suggestions as soon as possible.
Thanks for taking your time,  
Jawed Akhter
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01 May

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) openly discriminates against 2nd largest city of Sindh province, Cultural Capital of Sindh and a major financial, agricultural and industrial city of Pakistan by not launching INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS and NOT EVEN FLIGHTS FOR KARACHI from Hyderabad Sindh.

All we got is weekly flights for Lahore and Islamabad via Nawabshah. As PIA has done great noble deed on citizens of this city… What a joke!!!!

Flights to Lahore and Islamabad are ok but real issue and problem of citizens of this great city Hyderabad Sindh has not resolved as there are no flights for Karachi and still citizens of Hyderabad Sindh are suffering cuz they have to travel to Karachi by road to catch international flights.

THANK YOU PIA for all your help. What a big help you are to our city. PIA has all the silly excuses not to fly for Karachi cuz Karachi is so close and then there is no need to launch International flights from Hyderabad Sindh again because it is so close to Karachi. WHO ARE THEY TRYING TO FOOL?????????

PIA is a “National Airline” and that means it has to treat all cities of Pakistan and all people of Pakistan equally by providing them equal travelling services. But that is not the case. When it comes to other cities and provinces of Pakistan PIA has a totally different, flexibile, and friendly policy.

PIA’ s Double standards are exposed when recently PIA launched INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS from small and sleepy towns of Southern Punjab.

PIA has launched direct flights to Abu Dhabi from Rahimyarkhan. PIA has launched direct flights to Dubai from Dera Ghazi Khan. PIA has already connected Multan with international flights to Dubai.

Now who on earth will deny that HYDERABAD SINDH is 100 times bigger than Rahimyarkhan and Dera Ghazi Khan. YES they can have flights not just domestic but direct international. But 2nd largest city of Sindh and cultural Capital of Sindh HYDERABAD cannot… !!!!!!

What a shameful and discriminatory policy for people of Hyderabad Sindh as Hyderabad Sindh does not belong to Pakistan and it has no importance for PIA.

Such kind of double standards only create more divisions to already polarized and divided society. PIA proudly says as a its motto bringing people together But PIA has proved one more time that its motto, policies and vision does not apply to Hyderabad Sindh.

I highly urge all concerned authorities of Hyderabad Sindh and all well-wishers of our city to stand up for our genuine right to have direct International flights to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, London and Toronto from Hyderabad Sindh immediately. At the same time PIA must start Inter City Flights between Hyderabad ad Karachi as soon as possible.

Thanks for taking your time,

Jawed Akhter

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17 Sep

This is for the kind attention for Hyderabad District Government and all the Well-wishers of Hyderabad Sindh, That the 2nd largest city and Cultural Capital of Sindh is “AGAIN IGNORED”. Government of Pakistan will be getting thousands of dollars from Sweden to set up ultra modern Rescue Centres in Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. An agreement has been signed in this regard. Sweden will build and set up these most modern centres to handle big emergencies like fires, earthquakes, break-up of big buildings or any kind of disaster. We are not complaining but we are happy that such kind of centres are being set up in cities of Pakistan. But it becomes problematic when every mega development project is “SUCKED IN” this Triangle of Three as Pakistan starts and ends there. This narrow-minded thinking has already caused so much harm for the peace and progress of Pakistan.

I highly urge that Hyderabad District Government should take notice of this discrimination and take up this issue immediately with concerned authorities and Swedish Government. Hyderabad Sindh also needs this kind of centre and it is a very valid demand which must be fulfilled as soon as possible.
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26 Aug

First of all i am very grateful to Honorable Minister Mr. Syed Naveed Qamar for his kind and personal efforts in Re-Opening of Hyderabad Sindh Airport and i am also grateful to Hyderabad District Government for their non-stop hard work to Re-Open our Airport. It gives a great relief that FINALLY Hyderabad Sindh Airport is open and 2nd largest city of Sindh Province and Cultural Capital of Sindh is again Re-Connected with the globe by air and our city is back on world map.

I have very important suggestions to improve flight services and make Hyderabad Sindh Airport a profitable and successful airport.

1. Please Upgrade and name this airport as “SHAH ABDUL LATIF BHITAI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT”.

2. Please provide permanent Re-Fuelling installations and services at the airport so that Direct Flights can be resumed from Hyderabad Sindh. CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) has mentioned that they are ready to provide the services immediately if the Honorable Minister Syed Naveed Qamar issues the orders. So this important and life saving requirement for our airport is just a phone call away. I urge Mr. Syed Naveed Qamar to take personal interest and please issue the directive. Lord Mayor of Hyderabad District Government can please Follow-Up on this important issue.

3. Hyderabad District Government, Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce jointly with help of industrialists and agriculturalists of Hyderabad Sindh can invest and operate Hyderabad Sindh International Airport the way Sialkot International Airport is functioning. In this regard a delegation must be formed and sent to Sialkot to learn from their successful experience.

4. To make our Airport a success DIRECT FLIGHTS must be launched immediately. Without DIRECT access to Karachi the purpose of having an Airport in Hyderabad Sindh will not be successful. To make our airport a success Immediate DIRECT flights to Karachi must be resumed ASAP on Daily basis. There is a huge volume of Traffic From Hyderabad to Jinnah International Airport Karachi to connect. Thousands of People from all over Sindh and Hyderabad Sindh daily commute to Jinnah International Airport. Connecting Hyderabad Airport with Karachi DIRECTLY would solve this problem and Hyderabad Airport would become one of the busiest airports of Pakistan.

5. I highly recommend that initially 2 Direct flights Daily between Hyderabad and Karachi must resume. One flight should depart for Karachi from Hyderabad in Morning and 2nd flight should depart for Karachi in the early evening from Hyderabad so that People of Hyderabad Sindh can connect with International flights easily and smoothly. Later on a Commuter Shuttle service of 6 to 8 flights between Hyderabad and Karachi should resume in phase One. While in phase 2 10-15 flights daily between Hyderabad and Karachi should be commenced. Location and Air Distance of Hyderabad Sindh and Karachi is in the same bracket like: Toronto-New York, Toronto-Chicago, Toronto-Ottawa, Toronto-Montreal, New York-Chicago, Kualalumpur-Singapore, Dubai-Abu Dhabi, Sydney-Melbourne etc. All these cities i have mentioned have fast commuter shuttle flight services and generate great amount of revenues. Hyderabad Sindh and Karachi sector must be looked through the same prism and vision.

6. DIRECT flights for Dubai and Abu Dhabi must be launched from Hyderabad Sindh airport immediately for fast and convenient connections for International Travel at initial level.

7. PIA should resume International flights for Hyderabad Sindh for following destinations as soon as Possible:
a. Dubai
b. Abu Dhabi
c. Toronto
d. London
e. New York
f. Bangkok
g. Beijing
h. Jeddah.

For Example a flight will be Karachi-Hyderabad-Toronto, and Toronto-Hyderabad-Karachi. It is nothing new the way PIA connects Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad and Sialkot the same way we are asking Hyderabad Sindh should be connected.

8. Hyderabad District Government and Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce should initiate a dialogue with private airlines both domestic and international like Air Blue, Shaheen, ETIHAD Airways, EMIRATES, GULF AIR, SRILANKAN Airlines Etc… start flights from our city and sell them how important and profitable it is for them. WE have to Market aggressively our City and our Airport.

9. Hyderabad Government and Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce have to continue their pressure building for rapid modernization and expansion of Hyderabad Sindh Airport so that Big Jumbo Jets, Boeing and Air Bus planes can land and take off from our city. We need to build hangers and modern runways and aprons for International Aircrafts movements. A push for a new and most modern terminal building must be moved forward at the same time.

10.Cargo Flights must resume from our Airport ASAP to facilitate the fast functioning of industrial and agricultural sector which is a back bone for our city’s rapid development. FEDEX and DHL can also be included as they also do a great business in Hyderabad Sindh.

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24 Aug

Dear All, Please accept my Heart Felt Congratulations for Re-Opening of Hyderabad Sindh Airport after a period of almost 9 years. Every one is delighted on this historic moment and it proved again that ” United we stand Divided we fall”. Without a strong team work it was not possible and it is a huge success for all of us. When first flight touched down the airport; It was not just an Aircraft Touchdown but it touched down millions of hearts of People of Hyderabad Sindh. Now it is our duty to be vigilant and keep our eyes and ears open to block any further conspiracies against our City and its airport. God Bless Hyderabad Sindh forever, Amen. BOOMTOWN of Pakistan… A city on Rapid path of Modernization, Industrialization, Progress and Prosperity.
Joining in Jubilation with all of you,

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30 Jul


MNA’s and MPA’s of Hyderabad Sindh have unanimously REJECTED Civil Aviation Authority’s Discriminatory Argument about Hyderabad Sindh Airport that ” RUNWAY IS NOT LONG ENOUGH” for landing and take off of flights. They have called CAA’s stance based on PREJUDICE AND COMPLETE DISCRIMINATION AGAINST the city of HYDERABAD SINDH, SINDH PROVINCE and PEOPLE OF SINDH at large. There are many airports in Punjab province with much smaller runways where CAA has no problem and PIA is running flights. But whenever it is About Hyderabad Sindh , The Gateway of Sindh, The Cultural Capital of Sindh , and The 2nd largest and 2nd most important city of Sindh, CAA and PIA have millions of excuses to keep this airport closed and deprive people of Sindh and especially Industrialists, Agriculturalists, and Frequent International Travelers and Visitors Of Sindh. It is purely based on discrimination and prejudice. 5 International Airports for Punjab and only one for Sindh in Karachi. MNA’s and MPA’s have asked openly “WHY SINDH and HYDERABAD SINDH is being Punished For?
MNA’s and MPA’s have decided to take action and raise this issue on the Parliament floor if PIA and CAA does not resume flights for Hyderabad on August 3rd,2008 as promised and scheduled.
It is eye-opening for everyone that CAA has billions of dollars budget and responsible to develop, upgrade, and modernize airports of Pakistan but all these years CAA only spent all those billions of dollars in just one Punjab province of Pakistan while SINDH was completely IGNORED. How come they did nothing to upgrade, develop and modernize airport of Hyderabad Sindh!!!
Is Sindh is not part of Pakistan ?????? Is Hyderabad Sindh is not a Pakistani City. Looks like no one learns lessons from history. Such kind of discriminatory actions only creates distances and weaken the solidarity of Pakistan. Please Open the HYDERABAD SINDH AIRPORT IMMEDIATELY AND UPGRADE IT AS AN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. Serving Sindh is also serving Pakistan, Developing Sindh is also developing Pakistan. Success of Hyderabad Sindh is success of Pakistan. Times have changed and no body can assume that citizens of Hyderabad Sindh are naive or stupid nor can any one stop Hyderabad Sindh from Rapid Development and from becoming the Future BOOM TOWN OF PAKISTAN.
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28 Jul

It is just heartbreaking that there are some Evil Forces and Hidden Hands who are determined to keep our beloved city Hyderabad Sindh in darkness. Airports are are vital for any city’s growth, expansion, and fast development. But now it is has become very clear that these forces are very much against development of our city. On one hand we have Prime Minister of Pakistan, Government of Sindh, Chief Minister of Sindh, Governor of Sindh, Lord Mayor of Hyderabad Sindh, and Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce all united and strongly committed to Re-Open our Airport.
On the other hand are these Evil forces and Hidden Hands who are doing their best to block opening of our Airport. Sometimes the excuse is Security and sensitivity of our location, then it is lack of business, then it is Poor Terminal Services, and now it is Non-Functional Runway.
These same forces don’t even mention our city’s name in their list of Pakistani Airports on their website. The enemy of our city has come out with full force and out of gloves. They are so strong that even Prime Minister, Sindh Govt, Chief Minister of Sindh and Governor Sindh are helpless and their orders and instructions are ignored at all.

Hyderabad City Business have provided data with proof that more than 80 lacks to one crore rupees air tickets are sold both for Domestic and International Destinations. How can they say that at their is no business and we are the only city with Air University and yet we are not allowed to have an International Airport. For Sindh only one Airport in Karachi but for Punjab 5 International Airports.

The message is very clear. Such kind of Discrimination is Anti-Pakistan. For a happy and strong Pakistan we urgently need International Airport in Hyderabad Sindh. But enemies know once we get the airport Hyderabad Sindh will become THE BOOM TOWN of Pakistan leaving behind all the cities in Pakistan.

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Hyderabad City Traffic Management Plan.

13 May


This is for the kind attention of Hyderabad Government that literally there is no traffic management plan for our great city of Hyderabad Sindh in place. Nothing exists to improve daily traffic jams and horrible accidents and chicken fights among citizens of Hyderabad Sindh. Due to such alarming situation citizens of Hyderabad Sindh have become SHORT TEMPERED,HIGHLY STRESSED,RISE IN BLOOD PRESSURE and WORSENING OF MENTAL HEALTH. Every day hundreds of people attack and hand fight on the streets of our city due to traffic chaos. Are we waiting to be hit by a big incident which will again soak our city in blood. Please we live in modern times and if we plan we can avoid all such troubles and create a peaceful environment in our city.

Why it is so difficult to plan and implement Traffic Management in Hyderabad Sindh while city of Lahore has successfully adopted and implemented various plans. If they can do it we can also do it. There is no Rocket Science involved in it.
Following are my suggestions:
1. Please hire un-employed young graduates both men and women as Traffic Control Officers. Give them modern traffic control cars and motor bikes like Lahore and other cities. Then you will see the amazing results.

2. Please Please install “TRAFIC LIGHTS” in all intersections Major or small in all areas of City, Qasimabad and Latifabad. Make sure that these Traffic lights are  functional and has to work all the times.And appoint these young Traffic control Officers to strictly implement Traffic Signal rules.

3. Please mark all the highways and streets of Hyderabad Sindh including City, Qasimabad, and Latifabad with international standard marks, lines, concrete dividers, arrows, and Sign Boards with directions written in English, Sindhi and Urdu languages.

4. Please hold constantly Public Awareness meetings about Traffic Management by involving people.

5. Those who break traffic rules must be strictly punished regardless of their political, influential or rich high scale background. Rules are rules and should be equally implemented for both rich and poor. Without proper traffic sense we would not be able to resolve this issue.

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13 May

This is for the kind information that if Hyderabad Government want they can resolve energy crisis for our city and we can also lead the whole nation of Pakistan. We are so lucky and fortunate that Hyderabad Sindh has a hot and humid windy weather year round and full sunlight. We can take advantage of our geographic location and warm windy climate and create and transform energy from Sun and high winds. We can install “WIND MILLS” and SOLAR ENERGY SYSTEMS. If we install 4 Wind mills each one for City, Qasimabad, Latifabad and Rural talukas and then 4 Solar Energy Stations again one for each Taluka. Trust me we will resolve all our energy crisis and we can Declare our city Hyderabad Sindh a city of Lights which never sleeps.

Asian Development Bank and Govt of Japan provides free technical assistance for installation of such systems and they also provide soft loans free from interests to attain alternative forms of energy. Now again Hyderabad Government has to work on modern lines and initiate the dialogue with the concerned authorities to get all for our city. When there is a will there is a way.

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11 May

This is heartbreaking to see that Hyderabad District Government is completely ignoring Qasimabad.

Hyderabad Sindh consists of City+Qasimabad+Latifabad+Rural= Four Talukas.
But all the modern development work is taking place only in City and Latifabad as Qasimabad does not exist in Hyderabad Sindh. Such kind of attitude has no place at all. We need to bring harmony and peace in this already divided city of ours. Our city had enough of all destruction and hatred.
We have to stand together and serve all with no discrimination whatsoever. It is also noticed that whenever foreign delegates visit Hyderabad and meet District government officials only City and Latifabad representatives are invited in those meetings and Qasimabad Taluka administration is kept out. Such kind of racial behaviour and discriminatory attitude is NOT acceptable at all.
Yes i agree that all the hype is about Flyovers and Yes 2 of them are in Qasimabad. But apart from that one cannot see any other development like the way City and Latifabad have been taken care off. All major roads and streets of Qasimabad are broken and in worst conditions but no asphalt road construction plan for Qasimabad. All the roundabouts and street lights are broken. No plan to build green belts, beautify roundabouts, and install Mercury Street lights in Qasimabad as all these developments have taken place in City and Latiafabad areas. There is not a single traffic signal in Qasimabad. There is a great need to install traffic lights on all major intersections in Qasimabad.
Parks in Qasimabad and green spaces are urgently needed. Daily Water Shortages have become a new phenomenon since water line for Qasimabad has been shared with Latiafabad.
There are no modern Fire Fighting services or vehicles, Ambulances to help in events of emergency.
There are no modern Garbage pick up vehicles or modern waste disposal trucks.
Qasimabad urgently needs modern fire fighting facilities, ambulances and waste disposal management services. Zilla Nazim is responsibile for all citizens and all areas of Hyderabad Sindh but for some odd reason he has limited his services and himself only for the people of City and Latifabad.
Which is not fair and totally un-acceptable. We are all the same and one people. We have to learn from the mistakes of past. If we want to build our beautiful city a modern city then we have to treat every one and all areas equally. That is the only secret of success.
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