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29 Jun

The following jobs are announced in NADRA Head Offices in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar and Quetta on 24 June, 2017. Read the details from this page and apply well before the last date

Vacancies / Posts

Supervisor (Civil / QA), Supervisor (Electrical), Supervisor (mechanical), Site Incharge, System engineer, Site supervisor, junior executive, Interpreter, Security guard, Sweeper, Helper


The detail of the qualification of the said posts announced in NADRA is as follows;

  1. Supervisor (Civil / QA): DAE
  2. Supervisor (Electrical): DAE
  3. Supervisor (mechanical): DAE
  4. Site Incharge: BBA
  5. System engineer: BCS / BS
  6. Site supervisor: Graduation
  7. Junior executive: Intermediate
  8. Interpreter: Intermediate
  9. Security guard: Matric / Middle
  10. Sweeper: Middle
  11. Helper: Primary

Experience / Requirements

The detail of experience for the posts announced in NADRA head offices is as follows;

  1. Supervisor (Civil / QA): 15 years
  2. Supervisor (Electrical): 10 years
  3. Supervisor (mechanical): 10 years
  4. Site Incharge: 3 years
  5. System engineer: 3 years
  6. Site supervisor: 2 years
  7. Junior executive: 2 years
  8. Interpreter: 1 year
  9. Security guard: 2 years
  10. Sweeper: 1year
  11. Helper: 1year

Number of posts

The detail of number of posts is as follows;

  1. Supervisor (Civil / QA): 1 post
  2. Supervisor (Electrical): 1 post
  3. Supervisor (mechanical): 1 post
  4. Site Incharge: 9 posts
  5. System engineer: 9 posts
  6. Site supervisor: 9 posts
  7. Junior executive: 75 posts
  8. Interpreter: 9 posts
  9. Security guard: 27 posts
  10. Sweeper: 7 posts
  11. Helper: 14 posts

Total posts announced in NADRA: 162

Age Limit

Upper age limit for the first three posts is 50 years. The age limit for the rest of the posts is upto 30 years whereas for the post of security guard it is up to 35 years (for the retired army person it is 48 years )

Date of Post


Employment Category

Pakistan government jobs, Jobs in NADRA



Province/ Region

Islamabad, Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Baluchistan


Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta

Job Advertisement Taken from

Daily Dunya Newspaper

Daily Kawish Newspaper

Daily Nawaiwaqt Newspaper

Daily Dunya Newspaper

Daily Express Newspaper


The above posts in all Pakistan head offices NADRA are for both male and female candidates


The detail of salary on the said posts in NADRA is as follows;

  1. Supervisor (Civil / QA): Rs. 60,000
  2. Supervisor (Electrical): Rs. 50,000
  3. Supervisor (mechanical): Rs. 50,000
  4. Site Incharge: Rs. 45,000
  5. System engineer: Rs. 45,000
  6. Site supervisor: Rs. 30,000
  7. Junior executive: Rs. 22,000
  8. Interpreter: Rs. 22,000
  9. Security guard: Rs. 16,000
  10. Sweeper: Rs. 16,000
  11. Helper: Rs. 16,000

Other Privileges

See the newspaper ad. The link is provided on this page


See the newspaper ad as the link is provided on this page

Official Website / Email

Click here for the ISLAMABAD HEAD OFFICE ad (Islamabad Head Office)

Click here for the LAHORE HEAD OFFICE ad (Lahore Head Office)

Click here for the KARACHI HEAD OFFICE ad (Karachi Head Office)

Click here for the PESHAWAR HEAD OFFICE ad (Peshawar Head Office)

Click here for the QUETTA HEAD OFFICE ad (Quetta Head Office)



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Passenger Van and Oil Tanker Accident at Superhighway [Near Nooriadbad]

04 Oct

At least Four people including two women were killed in a collision between oil tanker and passenger van near Nooriabad at Karachi-Hyderabad Super Highway.

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Accident on Sehwan Road

04 Aug

HYDERABAD: A view of damaged bus after accident with truck resulting 13 passengers death and 20 injured in this accident at Sehwan Road (Photos by Yousuf Nagori)

 sehwan hyderabad accidentsehwan accident sehwan road accident

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Pakistan’s 1st Lady as Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP)

20 Jul

Suhai Aziz Talpur


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Just Happened…. Oil Tanker Explosion at PSO Pump, Liberty Chowk

02 May

Hyderabad Update: At least two people were critical injured when a oil tanker caught fire in Hyderabad, on Sunday.
As per updated information, the oil tanker caught fire when during transfer of oil in underground oil tank. Three  employed were injured while 10 different model cars, shops, motorcycles and other vehicles trapped in the fire.




At the end, fire brigade and rescue team reached on time and controlled the fire and transferred injures to the Civil Hospital Hyderabad.

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Lahooti Melo 2016 – Unforgettable Moments

09 Apr

Dated: 9th & 10th April
Organised by THE SKETCHES!

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Watch How Pakistani Media Fooled The Whole Nation on the Name of BOL / Axact Scandal

30 May


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Nepal 7.8 Earthquake Shocking Moment Recorded in BUS!

26 Apr

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