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TRAFFIC JAMMED in #CMH #HYDERABAD after #Altaf #Hussain arrested in #UK

03 Jun
MQM Chief Altaf Hussain

MQM Chief Altaf Hussain

London: Altaf Hussain – The leader of Mutahidda Qaumi Movement (MQM) and a UK-based Pakistani has been arrested in UK police in london on charges of money laundering. This news has been broadcasted on all local and foreign news channels on tuesday.

After this news all markets have been closed in major cities of Pakistan, including #Karachi, #Hyderabad, #Sukkar, #Mirpurkhas and interior cities of #Sindh province

Traffic Jammed at CMH Road Hyd

Traffic Jammed at CMH Road Hyd


Traffic Jammed on CMH Road Hyd

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Sindh Festival Event Calendar

01 Feb

Here is the Sindh festival calendar for you ūüôā

Sindh Festival 2014

Opening Ceremony 1st February Mohenjo Daro
Festival City 2nd February onwards Bagh Ibne Qasim
Horse & Cattle Grand Prix 2nd February Hyderabad
Grand Mushaira 3rd February Karachi
Donkey Derby 4th February DHA Phase VIII
Deep Sea Fishing 6th February Mubarak Village
Sufi Night 7th February Bagh Ibne Qasim
Basant 8th – 9th February Sea View
International Film Festival 10th – 11th February TBD
Fashion Festival 11th – 12th February NAPA
Cricket Tournament 13th February Moin Khan Academy
Ghazal Night 14th February Moin Khan Academy
Closing Ceremony 15th February Keenjhar Lake
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Sindh Festival 2014 Started Today!

01 Feb

Sindh Festival 2014 event, being held from 1st February to 15th February, is being organized on a budget of Rs.45 Crore, of which Rs.15 Crore is funded by the sindh government.

You can see the promotional hoardings at various locations in different cities of Sindh including Hyderabad.


This Sindh Festival project initiated by the Pakistan Peoples Party’s chairperson Mr.Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, and he aims to promoto the long-lost culture of harmony and peace of the province.

For the next 2 weeks of the festival, fireworks will light up the skies of Hyderabad, Sukkur, Thatta, Larkana and Karachi at 10pm sharp.
The 15 days Sindh Festival starts on 1st February with various events running side by side in different cities ‚Äď Hyderabad, Sukkur, Larkana, Karachi and Thatta.

So lets hope for the best 2014 Sindh


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Ideas and Suggestions for BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) For Hyderabad Sindh

29 Aug

In my blogs I have been strongly advocating for LIGHT RAIL TRANSIT for Hyderabad Sindh and many critics have criticized me due to their narrow mindedness and lack of understanding future needs, vision and global trends.

I highly respect my critics and every one has a right to have an opinion but to move forward and modernize we have to think outside the box otherwise cities like Dubai and Abudhabi will still be un-known tiny fishing villages in the desert in the middle of nowhere !! But their think outside the box attitude transformed them great metropolis on the world map as we know it today. WE need the same attitude for our beloved city Hyderabad Sindh, 2nd largest city of Sindh and Cultural capital of Sindh,Pakistan. Untill we achieve Light Rail Transit for our city let us implement BRT for our city.

  • Govt: of Sindh has announced delivery of modern CNG buses for various cities of Sindh and Karachi has already received CNG Buses being the first as usual.
  • Taking advantage of this benefit Hyderabad Government must act fast to plan,and implement BRT (BUS RAPID TRANSIT) for Hyderabad Sindh.
  • BRT is successfully functioning in various cities of the world like Ottawa (Capital city of Canada), Winnipeg Canada, Markham Canada, Halifax Canada,
  • Jakarta Indonesia, Bucharest Romania, London England etc.


BRT system should Distinctive,Frequent,State of the Art, and On time Limited Bus Stop Service similar to Light Rail Transit. BRT system should be installed in advance of Future LRT lines. BRT will operate on regular roads of Hyderabad Sindh (City+Qasimabasd+Latifabad) with TRANSIT PRIORITY at Traffic Signals and other enhanced features such as Modern and Improved Bus waiting stops and at some major connecting points LARGER SHELTERS called as STATIONS. BRT will run on all major streets and wider roads and highways BRT will run on DEDICATED BUS LANES called as RAPID WAYS where it is possible. Modern sate of the art Buses should be centrally air-conditioned in summer and fully heated in winter with automated stop announcements and display in Urdu and Sindhi languages. Buses will ONLY stop at designated stops with STOP REQUEST PUSH BUTTONS. No more Yelling, cursing. BRT STAFF will be Educated and Uniformed people. In this regard Jobless youth ppl can be trained and recruited. Best Customer Service and Service Excellence should be the priority of the BRT staff.

BRT FARE STRUCTURE: EXACT FARE must be implemented strictly with no change. Fare must be collected at the entrance of the bus into a automated machine. Day Pass, Weekly Pass, and Monthly Pass should also be sold for public. BRT TRANSFERS will be provided after payment of fare for easy transfer to other BRT Lines VALID ONLY at Connecting Stations.

SPECIAL BRT AIRPORT EXPRESS AND RAILWAY STATION EXPRESS Routes connecting with City+Qasimabad+Latifabad should also operate.

In Phase One 3 lines for City, 2 lines for Qasimabad and 2 lines for Latifabad should be launched. In phase two additional lines can be launched.

Following are the BRT LINES STRUCTURE in my opinion. Transport & TRAFFIC Experts in Hyderabad Government can modify ; These are just my innovative ideas and suggestions to get started.

CITY : PINK LINE: Hala Naka-Isra University-Saima Plaza-New Bus Terminal-Hotel City Gate-Hirabad-Market Chowk-Civil Hospital-American Centre-Tilak Charri-St.Bounaventure-Chotki Ghitti/Lajpat Road-Habib Bank-Kohinoor Chock/Resham Galli-Tulsidaas Road-Tope Chowrangi-Railway Station.

CITY: PURPLE LINE: Kalhora Colony-Eye Hospital-Zubaida College-Hotel City Gate-Hirabad-Market Chowk-Civil Hospital-American Centre-Chotki Ghitti/Lajpat Road-Hyder Chowck-Sindh University Old Campus-Press Club/GPO/Radio Pakistan-Gol Building-Saddar-Al-Raheem Plaza-Hotel City Gate-Zubiada College-Eye Hospital-Kalhora Colony.

CITY: YELLOW LINE: Hotel City Gate-Pathan Colony-Qasim Chowck-Military Hospital-Doctors Market-Saddar Jamia Masjid/Bohry Bazaar-Hotel Faran-Bombay Bakery-Gul Centre-Court-Press Club-New Majestic Cinema/Eid Gah Canntt-Pathan Colony-Hotel City Gate.

QASIMABAD: GREEN LINE: Qasimabad Hospital-Neeron Kot-Nasim Nagar-Ali Palace-Pakora Stop-Eid Gah/Sui Gas-Sindh Museum-Wahdat Colony-Thandi Sarak-Niaz Stadium/KFC-Ranni Bagh-Shahbaz Building/PIA Office-Gul Centre-Court-Hyder Chock-Gol Building-Press Club/GPO-Chandni Centre-Bombay Bakery-Gul Centre and BACK TO QASIMABAD.

QASIMABAD: ORANGE LINE: Shahrash Nagar-City School-Ali Palace-Nasim Nagar-HDA Complex-Chandia Goth-Marvi Town-Hyd Bypass-Bhitai Nagar-Rajputana Hospital-Citizen Colony-City Park/Qasim Chocwk-City Gate-Hirabad-Market Chowk-Civil Hospital.

LATIFABAD: RED LINE: Unit 12-Unit 10-Unit 8-Pone Saat-Hilltop-Gul Centre-OLd Campus-Hyder Chowck-Gol Building-Al-Raheem Plaza-Civil Hospital.

LATIFABAD: BROWN LINE: Unit 11-Bhitai Hospital-Unit 5-Unit 7-Auto Bhan Road-Giddu Chowck-Hussainabad-Thandi Sarak-Raani Bagh-Shahbaz Building- Gul Centre-Old Campus-Hyder Chowk.

Thanks for taking your time,

Jawed Akhter
Toronto, Canada.

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06 Aug

On behalf of myself, Apna Hyderabad Team and Citizens of Hyderabad Sindh and admirers of Hyderabad Sindh.

Let us give a BIG HAND to HYDERABAD GOVERNMENT and ZILA NAZIM for standing up for our beloved city and making us all proud and making our beloved city shine, tall and ultra modern. Recent landmark achievement is beautification of Entrance and Surroundings of Hyderabad Railway Station. I highly appreciate this thoughtful ad wishfull thinking and practical planning and implementation. I hope soon Airport Road, Airport Surroundings and Entrance of Airport would also go through a rapid plan of beautification and modernization.

I also kindly request Hyderabad Government to look keenly into progress and beautification of “QASIMABAD” as well. Qasimabad is also integral part of Hyderabad Sindh and it should be and must be treated equally as City and Latifabad areas are treated. Just now Qasimabad is standing way behind in progress, modernization and beautification compared to development of City and Latifabad.

I am also suggesting that Hyderabad Sindh Traffic Police should also launch FM Radio Station to keep the citizens of Hyderabad Sindh up todate with ongoing Traffic situation on major streets, highways and all the arteries; connecting to various part of Hyderabad Sindh (City+Qasimabad+Latifabad) and all the traffic entering into Hyderabad Sindh and Exiting from Hyderabad Sindh. It has to be understood that Location of Hyderabad Sindh is very unique and vital due to its central location in SINDH and major connection point between Karachi, Rest of Sindh and Pakistan. Hyderabad Sindh has the same strategic location in Sindh as Lahore has in Punjab. Lahore traffic Police has already launched FM Radio Station of its own. Hyderabad District Government can assist Hyderabad Traffic Police to launch FM Radio Station. This station should relay live traffic related coverage, advisories and updates mixed with music in all three languages Urdu+Sindhi+English simultaniously. It will be a great help and will bring our beloved city in line with other world class cities like Toronto, London, Paris, Kualalumpur, Berlin, Hong kong, Shanghai etc.

Once again A BIG THANK YOU to Hyderabad District Government for a vision,mission and implementation.

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Hyderabad City Traffic Management Plan.

13 May


This is for the kind attention of Hyderabad Government that literally there is no traffic management plan for our great city of Hyderabad Sindh in place. Nothing exists to improve daily traffic jams and horrible accidents and chicken fights among citizens of Hyderabad Sindh. Due to such alarming situation citizens of Hyderabad Sindh have become SHORT TEMPERED,HIGHLY STRESSED,RISE IN BLOOD PRESSURE and WORSENING OF MENTAL HEALTH. Every day hundreds of people attack and hand fight on the streets of our city due to traffic chaos. Are we waiting to be hit by a big incident which will again soak our city in blood. Please we live in modern times and if we plan we can avoid all such troubles and create a peaceful environment in our city.

Why it is so difficult to plan and implement Traffic Management in Hyderabad Sindh while city of Lahore has successfully adopted and implemented various plans. If they can do it we can also do it. There is no Rocket Science involved in it.
Following are my suggestions:
1. Please hire un-employed young graduates both men and women as Traffic Control Officers. Give them modern traffic control cars and motor bikes like Lahore and other cities. Then you will see the amazing results.

2. Please Please install “TRAFIC LIGHTS” in all intersections Major or small in all areas of City, Qasimabad and Latifabad. Make sure that these Traffic lights are¬† functional and has to work all the times.And appoint these young Traffic control Officers to strictly implement Traffic Signal rules.

3. Please mark all the highways and streets of Hyderabad Sindh including City, Qasimabad, and Latifabad with international standard marks, lines, concrete dividers, arrows, and Sign Boards with directions written in English, Sindhi and Urdu languages.

4. Please hold constantly Public Awareness meetings about Traffic Management by involving people.

5. Those who break traffic rules must be strictly punished regardless of their political, influential or rich high scale background. Rules are rules and should be equally implemented for both rich and poor. Without proper traffic sense we would not be able to resolve this issue.

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11 May

This is heartbreaking to see that Hyderabad District Government is completely ignoring Qasimabad.

Hyderabad Sindh consists of City+Qasimabad+Latifabad+Rural= Four Talukas.
But all the modern development work is taking place only in City and Latifabad as Qasimabad does not exist in Hyderabad Sindh. Such kind of attitude has no place at all. We need to bring harmony and peace in this already divided city of ours. Our city had enough of all destruction and hatred.
We have to stand together and serve all with no discrimination whatsoever. It is also noticed that whenever foreign delegates visit Hyderabad and meet District government officials only City and Latifabad representatives are invited in those meetings and Qasimabad Taluka administration is kept out. Such kind of racial behaviour and discriminatory attitude is NOT acceptable at all.
Yes i agree that all the hype is about Flyovers and Yes 2 of them are in Qasimabad. But apart from that one cannot see any other development like the way City and Latifabad have been taken care off. All major roads and streets of Qasimabad are broken and in worst conditions but no asphalt road construction plan for Qasimabad. All the roundabouts and street lights are broken. No plan to build green belts, beautify roundabouts, and install Mercury Street lights in Qasimabad as all these developments have taken place in City and Latiafabad areas. There is not a single traffic signal in Qasimabad. There is a great need to install traffic lights on all major intersections in Qasimabad.
Parks in Qasimabad and green spaces are urgently needed. Daily Water Shortages have become a new phenomenon since water line for Qasimabad has been shared with Latiafabad.
There are no modern Fire Fighting services or vehicles, Ambulances to help in events of emergency.
There are no modern Garbage pick up vehicles or modern waste disposal trucks.
Qasimabad urgently needs modern fire fighting facilities, ambulances and waste disposal management services. Zilla Nazim is responsibile for all citizens and all areas of Hyderabad Sindh but for some odd reason he has limited his services and himself only for the people of City and Latifabad.
Which is not fair and totally un-acceptable. We are all the same and one people. We have to learn from the mistakes of past. If we want to build our beautiful city a modern city then we have to treat every one and all areas equally. That is the only secret of success.
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20 Nov

It is very exciting to know that two new flyovers are going to be built in Hyderabad Sindh.
Every citizen of the city is delighted. But it is sad to know that Downtown core and Qasimabad areas are completely ignored in Flyover plannings. There is an Urgent need to build at least 4 flyovers or underpasses immediately to resolve the deepening Traffic crisis. Following are the places where these flyovers/underpasses are URGENTLY needed.
1.Tilak Chari (Downtown Core)
2.Kohinoor Chowk/Resham Gali Entrance/Haider Chowk (Downtown Core)
3.Wadhoo Wah/Sindh Museum/Entrance to Main Qasimabad Road (Qasimabad)
4.Wahdat Colony & Thandi Sarak Intersection (Qasimabad)
At the same time there is also immediate need to restart installing Pedestrian Bridges in all busy intersections of City, Qasimabad and Latifabad. So far only one such kind of bridge is installed near Hotel City Gate.

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Posted in Qasimabad



30 Jun

Metrological Departments of Sindh and Pakistan are predicting more heavy rains after the formation of second cyclone in Arabian sea. Sindh and especially Hyderabad Sindh and its surrounding areas going to be hard hit. Since heavy duty rainfall has started couple of weeks ago and our city is already hard hit but concerned authorities and city government officials are singing the same song of all is ok and playing the game of denial big time. For God’s sake can we please behave as educated, mature, sane people and act like responsible adults. No matter what the tall claims are being made by the authorities but the real picture on the ground is telling us a different story. At least on this one life saving and humanitarian issue we can put dirty politics aside and let us NOT POLITICIZE this issue and really do the best to save our city from Sinking and destruction and save innocent lives of people by doing something concrete with complete honesty. Both Qasimabad and Latifabad are happen to be low lying areas of Hyderabad Sindh. But Authorities are completely ignoring Qasimabad and slowly and gradually all the rain water is submerging in Qasimabad and vast areas are facing threats of sinking which will cause death and damage to innocent life. Why we like to see people suffer and i am unable to understand what one would achieve by doing such inhuman, unislamic and unethical tactics. As authorities are taking care of Latifabad same way they must take care of Qasimabad too. Aren’t we all the same and one kind of people???? Just because people speak different language so we treat them differently. We have to put a STOP to all this nonsense.

Residents of Qasimabad, Hyderabad Sindh also deserve equal and respectable treatment. Media is full of reports of their protests for one simple demand that please release the development funds for Qasimabad, Solve the sewerage problem in Qasimabad by installing (ALREADY APPROVED PUMPING STATIONS) and running them 24 hours on emergency basis. Is it a rocket science or is too hard for the concerned authorities to understand and implement and resolve the whole issue in a harmonious way.

Please remember UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL. Let us learn to love and respect each other. Let us learn to behave and be tolerant to each other and let us be compassionate and caring to each other. God has created us all with so many diversities and differences not to hate each other but to understand, appreciate and respect those differences.

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Qasimabad Profile

10 Jun

Qasimabad is named after the Arab conqueror who invaded Sindh, Muhammad Bin Qasim. It was formed as an extension to the city of Hyderabad to occupy migrants from across the border after the 1947 partition of the Sub-Continent, alongwith the town of Latifabad.

The locals that occupied the town at its inception were ethnically of a mixed population but as the city experienced its worst ethnic riots between¬†Sindhis and Mahajirs¬†in the 1980’s, the city was divided into Sindhis occupying the town of Qasimabad and the Mohajirs settling down in Latifabad. And the city was divided forever on the basis of ethnic diversity.

Qasimabad has a large concentration of Sindhi speaking people, known as the Sindhis. Although it was formed with the town of Latifabad, it does not follow the numbered unit system for that town, but instead settles with the block system.

The town constitutes of the eastern part of the Hyderabad city and houses two of the biggest schools in the city, Beaconhouse School and St.Bonaventure’s School,along with another popular school,The City School and Eden Grammar School(Nowadays on Top).

With people, mostly Sindhi, occupying this region, the practice of Sindhology or the study of Sindh is more pronounced in this region than others. There are two museums celebrating the treasures of its Sindhi cultural values and traditions present in this town, the Institute of Sindhology Museum and the Sindh Museum.

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