Comments for District Hyderabad Blog. Information about Hyderabad, Latifabad and Qasimabad. Mon, 29 Nov 2010 13:55:03 +0000 hourly 1 Comment on Am I Depressed for Hyderabad Airport? by asif Mon, 29 Nov 2010 13:55:03 +0000 Whats your justification thats hyderabad is bigger than islamabad,pindi and faisalabad.
All past census have shown thats its 6th and not 3rd largest in pakistan.

Comment on URGENT NEED OF 5 STAR HOTEL IN HYDERABAD SINDH: by AtoZ market Wed, 06 Oct 2010 12:32:00 +0000 Its About Hyderabad India! Hyderabad has developed into a major hub for the information technology industry in india. It is the capital of biotechnology and pharmaceutics of the country. The city is home to the world’s largest film studio, the ramoji film city, as well as the telugu film industry, the second-largest in india, known locally as tollywood. Residents of hyderabad are called hyderabadis. The city is regarded as a blend of traditions with modernity.

Comment on Qasimabad Profile by raja Wed, 27 Jan 2010 17:44:42 +0000 your information is best but i open your page because i want know the population of Total Hyderabad and also taluka wise population.plz if you can help me

Comment on Qasimabad Profile by ghazala Sun, 22 Nov 2009 09:13:05 +0000 qasimabad is the rapidly growing talqua of historiclly rich city of sindh. it is sad to see that people living in this area are still ignorent of their rights.local govt of hyderabad clearly ignores the accountability of those responsible for this newly devloping area.What is required is that civil society should be strong enough to make local govt accountable for lack of facilites.overall performance of district govt hyd;should be praised but talqluka wise performance undermines it.

Comment on FOR KIND AND IMMEDIATE ATTENTION OF MR.SYED NAVEED QAMAR,FEDERAL MINISTER OF FINANCE AND ECONOMIC AFFAIRS AND HYDERABAD GOVERNMENT: by Javed Ahmed Sat, 26 Sep 2009 16:33:19 +0000 I don’t understand why they do not start the domestic connected flights from Hyderabad to the other major cities of Pakistan specially to Karachi there is a huge traffic volume from Hyerabad to Karachi and from Karachi to Hyderabad if you will survey the buses goes from Hyderabad to Karachi and from Karachi to Hyderabad always full people wants some good services even they are ready to pay little more specially if some foreign tourist comes to Paksitan what type of image they will take with them thatswhy I highly recommend to consider on this point.I am out from Pakistan from last 30 years whenever I come to Pakistan I lost my lots of time even I will suggest Hyderabad Airport has the capacity to link with the other foreign countries Airport like Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other Europen Countries also.I will also suggest they should have to start the mono rails inside the Hyderabad City.
Your Sincerely
Javed Ahmed

Comment on Pakka Qila Hyderabad by Imran Tue, 21 Jul 2009 11:21:52 +0000 I m not happy seeing the bad condition of our historical heritage. I can’t understand why the responsible departments are not working for the safety of these glorious items of our past. They should try their best honestly for this purpose.

Comment on FOR KIND AND IMMEDIATE ATTENTION OF MR.SYED NAVEED QAMAR,FEDERAL MINISTER OF FINANCE AND ECONOMIC AFFAIRS AND HYDERABAD GOVERNMENT: by Abbey Wed, 08 Jul 2009 16:39:29 +0000 Hi….it is interesting to see your comittment to Hyderabad Airport. Just a suggestion to the authorities of Hyderabad Airport, it maybe worth speaking to Flydubai airlines just started up in Dubai, to maybe look at a route Dubai to Hyderabad Sind, as I am sure you will be able to offer competetive rates to them for landing etc.

they have also just started other routes which are like Hyderabad not on the mainstream networks of International airlines.

Hope someone does pick up on this idea.


Comment on DOWNTOWN & QASIMABAD AREAS ARE IGNORED!!! by azhar Sat, 13 Jun 2009 11:09:19 +0000 ye baat haqeeqat hai k city government hamesha qasimabad ko ignore karti aa rahi hai kyun k yahan MQM ka koi b zone nhe hai. hum ye nhe kehte k ye sara qasoor city namzim ka hai nhe kyun k qasimabad mai 13 miniser or MNA’s rehte hain lakin wo sb PRADO main aate jaate hain….. main sirf ye kehna chahta hoon k aaj PRESIDENT sindhi hokar b sindhi areas ki ye halat hai

from azhar memon

Comment on About Blog by Abdul Salam Mon, 09 Feb 2009 08:03:53 +0000 #comment-776 Good work buddy

I am searching Latifabad map with street & house no marking. . .

Would you people help me out to find it.

please email me at

Stay Smart Always

Allah hafiz

Comment on About Blog by waseem Sat, 27 Dec 2008 09:59:45 +0000 #comment-641 Dear my view point is somehow inter related. i am engineer in wapda in pakistan.
i want to draw ur attention to the way the jobs are bestowed in sindh.

1. pir mazhar ul haq two days ago at shrine of Mohtarma Shaheed Benazir bhutto has told the qulified lectures who have been selected through sindh public service commision, that their induction process was not correct. hence they are denied for the posting orders.
i ask honourable senior minister:

if process was not correct, then did he order the enquiry in this case?

was chairman spsc brought to court of law?

if spsc is at fault then defaulters must be arrested?

irregularities must be brought to public as the meritoreus and poor successful candidates may decide their future line of action.

2. In punjab, the punjab public service commision holds free and fair exams annually. the poor and meritoreous applicants are regularlty inducted in the govt departments. Unfortuntely in sindh all is reverse. The present govt is continuosly callopsing the institutions like sindh public service commision. now cm sindh has annouced that the post for deputy director revenue will be filled departmentally not through spsc. this is only intended to sell the seats on lucrative amounts.

Dear sindhis, unite for ur rights. i am already in job. and i dont need any new job. but the people who will come through non merit methods will deny justice to the poor. THEY MUST BE STOPPED.