Sindh Festival Promo

01 Feb

Saeen tuo saeen – Saeen ka Festival bhi Saeen ūüėČ

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Sindh Festival Event Calendar

01 Feb

Here is the Sindh festival calendar for you ūüôā

Sindh Festival 2014

Opening Ceremony 1st February Mohenjo Daro
Festival City 2nd February onwards Bagh Ibne Qasim
Horse & Cattle Grand Prix 2nd February Hyderabad
Grand Mushaira 3rd February Karachi
Donkey Derby 4th February DHA Phase VIII
Deep Sea Fishing 6th February Mubarak Village
Sufi Night 7th February Bagh Ibne Qasim
Basant 8th – 9th February Sea View
International Film Festival 10th – 11th February TBD
Fashion Festival 11th – 12th February NAPA
Cricket Tournament 13th February Moin Khan Academy
Ghazal Night 14th February Moin Khan Academy
Closing Ceremony 15th February Keenjhar Lake
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Sindh Festival 2014 Started Today!

01 Feb

Sindh Festival 2014 event, being held from 1st February to 15th February, is being organized on a budget of Rs.45 Crore, of which Rs.15 Crore is funded by the sindh government.

You can see the promotional hoardings at various locations in different cities of Sindh including Hyderabad.


This Sindh Festival project initiated by the Pakistan Peoples Party’s chairperson Mr.Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, and he aims to promoto the long-lost culture of harmony and peace of the province.

For the next 2 weeks of the festival, fireworks will light up the skies of Hyderabad, Sukkur, Thatta, Larkana and Karachi at 10pm sharp.
The 15 days Sindh Festival starts on 1st February with various events running side by side in different cities ‚Äď Hyderabad, Sukkur, Larkana, Karachi and Thatta.

So lets hope for the best 2014 Sindh


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Over Speed Car Accident Opposite Gymkhana Hyderabad

31 Jan

30th January 2014, Hyderabad

Over Speed (100km+) Car accident opposite Gymkhana Hyderabad – 3 people killed and 1 injured

The deceased were identified as follows:
1. Ghulam Rasool (Anum Shah) – Age 27 – Son of Syed Munir Shah
He was the only son of his parents and nephew of Syed Bashir Shah (Anti Corruption Establishment official)

2. Danish Chandio – Age 26 – Son of Aashiq Chandio
He was also the only son of his parents as well

3. Tariq Malik – Age 27 – Son of Talib Malik
4. Arif Malik – He is an injured victim and was identified as Tariq’s brother

All above were residents of the Doctor Lane, Saddar Hyderabad

The accident happened at 3:00 in the morning just opposite to Gymkhana Hyderabad, and the accident car was Honda Civic 2014, which has been totally crushed (see pics)

car accident in hyderabad 2014 hyderabad accident accident near gymkhana car accident gul centre hyd accident in hyderabad near gymkhana hyderabad accident 31 jan 2014 car accident hyderabad thandisarak accident near gymkhana hyderabad hyderabad gulcenter gymkhana accidentt hyderabad gymkhana accident
car accident in hyderabad on gymkhana pics hyderabad sindh accident gymkhanarecent accident in hyderabad pakistan accident in hyderabad gul centerhyderabad car accident honda civic gymkhana hyderabad accident

anum shah, danish chandio, tariq malik
Anum Shah(Syed G R Shah), Danish Chandio, & Tariq Malik
We know how their parents / family members would be feeling on the sudden demise of their children. May their souls rest in peace.Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un

Pics by Jibran Khuro & Furqan Durvesh

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01 Dec

I’m not sure if this topic has been discussed here or not but I have to ask and I think this is a good way to ask/tell fellow Hyderabadis.

Traffic Jams, though we don’t have real wide roads (as all wide roads have bottle necks) and during peak hours make traffic conditions from bad to worst?

Why administration doesn’t have any future vision? Why can’t we have

a. wide roads and roads without bottle necks

b. parallel roads to distribute traffic

c. flyovers before roads/junctions become real bottle necks for commuters?

HDA claim that they don’t have money but if they are willing may managed.

One good rain fall makes so many potholes on roads. Who is accountable for this? I think HDA and contractors should be held accountable for this.

Civic Sense: Why do we don’t have basic traffic sense? Why are we always in so much hurry? Why can’t we follow lanes? Why do we have to go to extreme left to make a right turn on a junction? As per me, it will be much easier if we stay in right lane to make a right turn in a junction.

My Suggestion is as a responsible person we should avoid the personal vehicles in office hours, use public transport. If you see in China a person who is in managerial cadre also didn’t use his car to go to office. He simply uses the local trains or public buses. Here we don’t have local trains as well as good buses.

As the government, it has to increase the good CNG buses and frequencies and also introduce local train, so that most of us will prefer to go by CNG bus or train.

In a bus mostly 100-200 people can travel but 1/4 of it of a car will carry 1 or 2 people only, means we are creating the problem. we should not blame the government completely.

I think the hyderabad traffic is getting more & more unfriendly these days. The state transportation should identify the places which are more in rush and start more services in the form of buses or so.

The traffic cops should be ready to clear the traffic at regular intervals especially those areas which are always busy.

I love Hyderabad and I want Hyderabad to become better city of Pakistan.

Syed Zahid Hussain Naqvi


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23 Sep

Well some people might think and say what in the world I am talking about while SINDH Pakistan is worst hit by Super Floods and Hyderabad is hosting more than 90 thousand flood victims being displaced from all over Sindh and many many Relief Camps are set up in Hyderabad Sindh.

Which makes a valid point; Hyderabad has a very central, geographic location in Sindh and we all know about this.

After this Epic Disaster has hit Sindh so many International NGOS, Foreign Dignitaries, and UN officials have been visiting Hyderabad to visit and have ground assessments and establish relief work and they are disappointed to know that 2nd largest city and a great metropolis of Sindh “HYDERABAD” does not have a 5 Star Hotel to accommodate all these guests and their specific requirements and needs. Imagine the commute of these visitors back and forth to Karachi.

Which only makes it impossible to do any kind of work and establish relief operation center. What a LOSS & SHAME !!!

So far INDUS HOTEL the only hotel in our city of International standards is completely overbooked and extremely busy all the times. Then Hotel City Gate and Hotel Faran are left to cater the needs but not enough as they do not have those International Standards and are not capable to handle such kind of guests.

It is a great embarrassment for the citizens as well as for our beloved city to lack such an important facility in such a big Metropolis City of Hyderabad Sindh. It only adds misery to over all image of our city when we cannot accommodate visitors of high caliber in our city. Hyderabad is one of the fastest growing, and expanding city of South Asia.

We also have heard a million times same complaint from ICC (International Cricket Council), Sports Board and other major organizations due to lack of 5 Star Hotel in the city no major international sports event can be held here.

And Now This Epic Flood Disaster once again highlighted this great need of the city one more time.

I just don’t understand the BLOCKAGES OF RED-TAPE when it comes to any thing attached to Modernize Hyderabad Sindh. We all know that process of building a 5 star Hotel in Hyderabad Sindh got started.

Location was finalized (Next to Niaz Stadium), Land was approved, Bidding and Tender process was announced in Feb,2010.

And then a DEEP FREEZE, COMPLETE SILENCE !!! And i am sure this project file must be eating dust on some dark shelf !!

I also noticed in the news that one French Hotel Company was very much interested in building a 5 Star Hotel in Hyderabad Sindh.

I kindly urge the Private Sector to come forward and please Build, Own, and Operate a 5 Star Hotel in Hyderabad Sindh.

It is Urgently needed in our city. Building of such Hotel will help every one from Poor to Rich of our city.

It will not just enhance our International Image, But will provide new employment and development opportunities to my fellow citizens of Hyderabad Sindh.

Thanks for taking your time,

Jawed Akhter

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Ideas and Suggestions for BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) For Hyderabad Sindh

29 Aug

In my blogs I have been strongly advocating for LIGHT RAIL TRANSIT for Hyderabad Sindh and many critics have criticized me due to their narrow mindedness and lack of understanding future needs, vision and global trends.

I highly respect my critics and every one has a right to have an opinion but to move forward and modernize we have to think outside the box otherwise cities like Dubai and Abudhabi will still be un-known tiny fishing villages in the desert in the middle of nowhere !! But their think outside the box attitude transformed them great metropolis on the world map as we know it today. WE need the same attitude for our beloved city Hyderabad Sindh, 2nd largest city of Sindh and Cultural capital of Sindh,Pakistan. Untill we achieve Light Rail Transit for our city let us implement BRT for our city.

  • Govt: of Sindh has announced delivery of modern CNG buses for various cities of Sindh and Karachi has already received CNG Buses being the first as usual.
  • Taking advantage of this benefit Hyderabad Government must act fast to plan,and implement BRT (BUS RAPID TRANSIT) for Hyderabad Sindh.
  • BRT is successfully functioning in various cities of the world like Ottawa (Capital city of Canada), Winnipeg Canada, Markham Canada, Halifax Canada,
  • Jakarta Indonesia, Bucharest Romania, London England etc.


BRT system should Distinctive,Frequent,State of the Art, and On time Limited Bus Stop Service similar to Light Rail Transit. BRT system should be installed in advance of Future LRT lines. BRT will operate on regular roads of Hyderabad Sindh (City+Qasimabasd+Latifabad) with TRANSIT PRIORITY at Traffic Signals and other enhanced features such as Modern and Improved Bus waiting stops and at some major connecting points LARGER SHELTERS called as STATIONS. BRT will run on all major streets and wider roads and highways BRT will run on DEDICATED BUS LANES called as RAPID WAYS where it is possible. Modern sate of the art Buses should be centrally air-conditioned in summer and fully heated in winter with automated stop announcements and display in Urdu and Sindhi languages. Buses will ONLY stop at designated stops with STOP REQUEST PUSH BUTTONS. No more Yelling, cursing. BRT STAFF will be Educated and Uniformed people. In this regard Jobless youth ppl can be trained and recruited. Best Customer Service and Service Excellence should be the priority of the BRT staff.

BRT FARE STRUCTURE: EXACT FARE must be implemented strictly with no change. Fare must be collected at the entrance of the bus into a automated machine. Day Pass, Weekly Pass, and Monthly Pass should also be sold for public. BRT TRANSFERS will be provided after payment of fare for easy transfer to other BRT Lines VALID ONLY at Connecting Stations.

SPECIAL BRT AIRPORT EXPRESS AND RAILWAY STATION EXPRESS Routes connecting with City+Qasimabad+Latifabad should also operate.

In Phase One 3 lines for City, 2 lines for Qasimabad and 2 lines for Latifabad should be launched. In phase two additional lines can be launched.

Following are the BRT LINES STRUCTURE in my opinion. Transport & TRAFFIC Experts in Hyderabad Government can modify ; These are just my innovative ideas and suggestions to get started.

CITY : PINK LINE: Hala Naka-Isra University-Saima Plaza-New Bus Terminal-Hotel City Gate-Hirabad-Market Chowk-Civil Hospital-American Centre-Tilak Charri-St.Bounaventure-Chotki Ghitti/Lajpat Road-Habib Bank-Kohinoor Chock/Resham Galli-Tulsidaas Road-Tope Chowrangi-Railway Station.

CITY: PURPLE LINE: Kalhora Colony-Eye Hospital-Zubaida College-Hotel City Gate-Hirabad-Market Chowk-Civil Hospital-American Centre-Chotki Ghitti/Lajpat Road-Hyder Chowck-Sindh University Old Campus-Press Club/GPO/Radio Pakistan-Gol Building-Saddar-Al-Raheem Plaza-Hotel City Gate-Zubiada College-Eye Hospital-Kalhora Colony.

CITY: YELLOW LINE: Hotel City Gate-Pathan Colony-Qasim Chowck-Military Hospital-Doctors Market-Saddar Jamia Masjid/Bohry Bazaar-Hotel Faran-Bombay Bakery-Gul Centre-Court-Press Club-New Majestic Cinema/Eid Gah Canntt-Pathan Colony-Hotel City Gate.

QASIMABAD: GREEN LINE: Qasimabad Hospital-Neeron Kot-Nasim Nagar-Ali Palace-Pakora Stop-Eid Gah/Sui Gas-Sindh Museum-Wahdat Colony-Thandi Sarak-Niaz Stadium/KFC-Ranni Bagh-Shahbaz Building/PIA Office-Gul Centre-Court-Hyder Chock-Gol Building-Press Club/GPO-Chandni Centre-Bombay Bakery-Gul Centre and BACK TO QASIMABAD.

QASIMABAD: ORANGE LINE: Shahrash Nagar-City School-Ali Palace-Nasim Nagar-HDA Complex-Chandia Goth-Marvi Town-Hyd Bypass-Bhitai Nagar-Rajputana Hospital-Citizen Colony-City Park/Qasim Chocwk-City Gate-Hirabad-Market Chowk-Civil Hospital.

LATIFABAD: RED LINE: Unit 12-Unit 10-Unit 8-Pone Saat-Hilltop-Gul Centre-OLd Campus-Hyder Chowck-Gol Building-Al-Raheem Plaza-Civil Hospital.

LATIFABAD: BROWN LINE: Unit 11-Bhitai Hospital-Unit 5-Unit 7-Auto Bhan Road-Giddu Chowck-Hussainabad-Thandi Sarak-Raani Bagh-Shahbaz Building- Gul Centre-Old Campus-Hyder Chowk.

Thanks for taking your time,

Jawed Akhter
Toronto, Canada.

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06 Aug

On behalf of myself, Apna Hyderabad Team and Citizens of Hyderabad Sindh and admirers of Hyderabad Sindh.

Let us give a BIG HAND to HYDERABAD GOVERNMENT and ZILA NAZIM for standing up for our beloved city and making us all proud and making our beloved city shine, tall and ultra modern. Recent landmark achievement is beautification of Entrance and Surroundings of Hyderabad Railway Station. I highly appreciate this thoughtful ad wishfull thinking and practical planning and implementation. I hope soon Airport Road, Airport Surroundings and Entrance of Airport would also go through a rapid plan of beautification and modernization.

I also kindly request Hyderabad Government to look keenly into progress and beautification of “QASIMABAD” as well. Qasimabad is also integral part of Hyderabad Sindh and it should be and must be treated equally as City and Latifabad areas are treated. Just now Qasimabad is standing way behind in progress, modernization and beautification compared to development of City and Latifabad.

I am also suggesting that Hyderabad Sindh Traffic Police should also launch FM Radio Station to keep the citizens of Hyderabad Sindh up todate with ongoing Traffic situation on major streets, highways and all the arteries; connecting to various part of Hyderabad Sindh (City+Qasimabad+Latifabad) and all the traffic entering into Hyderabad Sindh and Exiting from Hyderabad Sindh. It has to be understood that Location of Hyderabad Sindh is very unique and vital due to its central location in SINDH and major connection point between Karachi, Rest of Sindh and Pakistan. Hyderabad Sindh has the same strategic location in Sindh as Lahore has in Punjab. Lahore traffic Police has already launched FM Radio Station of its own. Hyderabad District Government can assist Hyderabad Traffic Police to launch FM Radio Station. This station should relay live traffic related coverage, advisories and updates mixed with music in all three languages Urdu+Sindhi+English simultaniously. It will be a great help and will bring our beloved city in line with other world class cities like Toronto, London, Paris, Kualalumpur, Berlin, Hong kong, Shanghai etc.

Once again A BIG THANK YOU to Hyderabad District Government for a vision,mission and implementation.

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20 Jun
I have been bombarded by pleas and complaints from residents of Qasimabad Hyderabad Sindh regarding newly constructed Hosh Muhammed Shaheed Flyover in Qasimabad. I kindly request Respected Zila Nazim to consider these pleas seriously and look into the matter personally.
Here are the complaints: 
1.Hosh Muhammed Shaheed Flyover has SERIOUS DESIGN FLAWS and it has literally BLOCKED all the ENTRANCES to Qasimabad.
2. Instead of easing the traffic flow smoothly this flyover has caused more traffic congestion and accidents.
3.Residents of Qasimabad Hyderabad Sindh, feel ignored and left out because there was no community consultation before construction.
Here are few suggestions:
A. Millions of Rupees of Taxpayers money is spent on construction of flyovers to assist and facilitate people. But lack of coordination, proper community consultations, and wrong technical design can turn the whole project into a PUBLIC EYE SORE and Huge LOSS of Money as well.
B. Residents of Qasimabad are not against construction of flyovers but highly appreciate the rapid modernization and want to actively participate so that flyovers are a real blessing for the residents instead of becoming a curse of everyday.
C. Please consider changes in already built Hosh Muhammed Shahed flyover by adding ENTRY and EXIT Lanes connecting this flyover to both entrances of Qasimabad (1) Near Indus Gas Entrance to Main Qasimabad (2) Right at Wadhoo Wah Road near Petrol Pump.
D. Right now Hosh Muhammed Shaheed Flyover has BLOCKED both entrances of Qasimabad and heavy duty traffic entering into Qasimabad and exiting from Qasimabad has no easy and direct access to flyover and they have to find ways through congested and dark roads under the flyover.
E. District Government has publicly promised that this flyover is being built for the benefits of Residents of Qasimabad but instead this flyover is doing the opposite and serving the traffic on National highway but no help or facility for Residents of Qasimabad.
F. I highly urge the District Government of Hyderabad Sindh that please make these necessary changes as soon as possible and please build these ENTRY and EXIT lanes at both entry points of Qasimabad and connect them with Flyover.
G. Latifabad flyover is a solid example the way it has designed connecting the flyover with all the roads to Latifabad; Same way it should have been designed. I don’t understand WHY designers don’t follow universal concept while designing and building this flyover in Qasimabad as well.
H. People are seriously asking these questions that no other flyover has blocked any area EXCEPT this flyover which has completely blocked Qasimabad.
I. Same time NO Mass Tower LIGHTS have been installed on this Qasimabad flyover as such lights have been installed on Latifabad flyover.
At night time Qasimabad flyer is soaked in darkness and becomes a DANGER ZONE at night time causing more accidents and tensions for residents of Qasimabad Hyderabad Sindh.

I hope that Respected Zila Nazim will kindly take URGENT notice of this serious issue and i highly urge him to take personal interest and hold a public consultation meeting with residents of Qasimabad and please make all appropriate changes to fix this wrongfully designed flyover.
For Zila Nazim happiness and satisfaction of all citizens of Hyderabad Sindh should come first. I know Respected Zila Nazim is a very kind hearted, caring and community oriented personality. So it will not be a a problem for him. He should take an immediate tour of this flyover and meet with people of Qasimabad and take them into confidence and make the builder and designers of this flyover responsible to fix the flyover as per peoples suggestions as soon as possible.
Thanks for taking your time,  
Jawed Akhter
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01 May

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) openly discriminates against 2nd largest city of Sindh province, Cultural Capital of Sindh and a major financial, agricultural and industrial city of Pakistan by not launching INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS and NOT EVEN FLIGHTS FOR KARACHI from Hyderabad Sindh.

All we got is weekly flights for Lahore and Islamabad via Nawabshah. As PIA has done great noble deed on citizens of this city… What a joke!!!!

Flights to Lahore and Islamabad are ok but real issue and problem of citizens of this great city Hyderabad Sindh has not resolved as there are no flights for Karachi and still citizens of Hyderabad Sindh are suffering cuz they have to travel to Karachi by road to catch international flights.

THANK YOU PIA for all your help. What a big help you are to our city. PIA has all the silly excuses not to fly for Karachi cuz Karachi is so close and then there is no need to launch International flights from Hyderabad Sindh again because it is so close to Karachi. WHO ARE THEY TRYING TO FOOL?????????

PIA is a “National Airline” and that means it has to treat all cities of Pakistan and all people of Pakistan equally by providing them equal travelling services. But that is not the case. When it comes to other cities and provinces of Pakistan PIA has a totally different, flexibile, and friendly policy.

PIA’ s Double standards are exposed when recently PIA launched INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS from small and sleepy towns of Southern Punjab.

PIA has launched direct flights to Abu Dhabi from Rahimyarkhan. PIA has launched direct flights to Dubai from Dera Ghazi Khan. PIA has already connected Multan with international flights to Dubai.

Now who on earth will deny that HYDERABAD SINDH is 100 times bigger than Rahimyarkhan and Dera Ghazi Khan. YES they can have flights not just domestic but direct international. But 2nd largest city of Sindh and cultural Capital of Sindh HYDERABAD cannot… !!!!!!

What a shameful and discriminatory policy for people of Hyderabad Sindh as Hyderabad Sindh does not belong to Pakistan and it has no importance for PIA.

Such kind of double standards only create more divisions to already polarized and divided society. PIA proudly says as a its motto bringing people together But PIA has proved one more time that its motto, policies and vision does not apply to Hyderabad Sindh.

I highly urge all concerned authorities of Hyderabad Sindh and all well-wishers of our city to stand up for our genuine right to have direct International flights to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, London and Toronto from Hyderabad Sindh immediately. At the same time PIA must start Inter City Flights between Hyderabad ad Karachi as soon as possible.

Thanks for taking your time,

Jawed Akhter

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