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Accident on Sehwan Road

04 Aug

HYDERABAD: A view of damaged bus after accident with truck resulting 13 passengers death and 20 injured in this accident at Sehwan Road (Photos by Yousuf Nagori)

 sehwan hyderabad accidentsehwan accident sehwan road accident

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Another MAJOR Car Accident in Kohsar Hyderabad

11 Feb

Reason: The car (toyotal x-corolla) was in speed and hit the poll

Sources confirmed 3 were dead in this accident – Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un

People gather around a damaged car after an accident at Airport road near Kohsar

Kohsaar Car Accident

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Over Speed Car Accident Opposite Gymkhana Hyderabad

31 Jan

30th January 2014, Hyderabad

Over Speed (100km+) Car accident opposite Gymkhana Hyderabad – 3 people killed and 1 injured

The deceased were identified as follows:
1. Ghulam Rasool (Anum Shah) – Age 27 – Son of Syed Munir Shah
He was the only son of his parents and nephew of Syed Bashir Shah (Anti Corruption Establishment official)

2. Danish Chandio – Age 26 – Son of Aashiq Chandio
He was also the only son of his parents as well

3. Tariq Malik – Age 27 – Son of Talib Malik
4. Arif Malik – He is an injured victim and was identified as Tariq’s brother

All above were residents of the Doctor Lane, Saddar Hyderabad

The accident happened at 3:00 in the morning just opposite to Gymkhana Hyderabad, and the accident car was Honda Civic 2014, which has been totally crushed (see pics)

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anum shah, danish chandio, tariq malik
Anum Shah(Syed G R Shah), Danish Chandio, & Tariq Malik
We know how their parents / family members would be feeling on the sudden demise of their children. May their souls rest in peace.Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un

Pics by Jibran Khuro & Furqan Durvesh

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